Day: March 12, 2021

English Technology

HyperX Holds Brand’s First Customer Appreciation Promotion: HyperX Loot Drop

Price Is Dropping in Limited Time for Fans and Gamers Looking for Better Gaming Experience Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Appreciate the love and support from fans and consumers around the world, HyperX, a leading gaming peripheral brand, today announced its first global fan appreciation promotion– HyperX Loot Drop, offering great discounts up to 47% on […]

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English Health

Taxation for Post-COVID RecoveryBy Dr. Lal Bhatia PhD.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Although it took a while, hopefully now Governments and Businesses around the world have come to realize that the coronavirus is not the same as the recession in 2008. While both significantly impacted the global economy, the drivers propelling the market crisis during Covid-19 are very different from what caused the […]

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English Entertainment

Dale Bhagwagar Media Group leads Bollywood PR agencies in Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Popularly known as Bollywood’s only PR guru, Dale Bhagwagar tops the list as the best Bollywood publicist in India for having introduced the maximum PR trends in the entertainment industry. His futuristic PR methods often set the agenda for the entertainment public relations industry for the times to come. Over the […]

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Business English

Raniga International Group to Give Relief of Debt Upto One Lakh Farmers

Madhya Pradesh, [India] : Debt in the life of farmers is the reason behind the death of the farmers. We all know that every year many farmers give up their life because of debt. Hence, the government has also announced major steps for the relief but being a citizen of India we all need to […]

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