Day: March 5, 2021

English Technology

#30DaysAtHomeChallenge by JioFiber is what India needs!

The 30DaysAtHomeChallenge by JioFiber as a movement comes at a time of pressing priority for us to stay at home. Mumbai,  Maharashtra  [India] :  With COVID-19 cases on the rise again, it is essential for everyone to stay at home. Staying at home & following precaution has been noticed to not being followed by the […]

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English Entertainment

Tagore’s debut as an Author of “The Emperor Cried”

Goa, [India] : The Goan born scriptwriter, film director and producer TAGORE ALMEIDA, a poet, podcaster and now an author. He lives in Singapore with his wife and daughter as a full-time technology professional working for a Fortune 500 corporation.  He is the founder of The Uncultured Company, a non-profit group he started to promote […]

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Business English

Falling down is not defeat; refusing to get up is – Biijal Shah : Self Made Woman

Kerela, [India] : Self-made man, this classic phrase coined in 1842 by Henry Clay in the United States Senate, describes those individuals whose success lies within themselves and is not dependant on external conditions. Ms.Biijal Shah is a shining example of just that…A Self-made Woman. Humble beginnings Born and raised in God’s own country Kerala, […]

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