ZingHR now enters aggressively into the Indian SMB HRMS market with their new vertical ZingNeo

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: ZingHR is all set to present the latest innovation for the SMB market. The product is packaged with the super-intelligence of HRMS making it just right for SMB. ZingNeo by ZingHR is all set to enter the revolution of small businesses to help them soar to great heights.

With the ever-expanding SMB market space in India and across the globe ZingHR’s foray into the SMB market is a very strategic move to tap the growing HRTech Market in India and Globally. While ZingHR has been servicing enterprise clients through the parent brand “ZingHR”, now with ZingNeo coming in the focus will be well taken care of with the respective brands under the ZingHR umbrella.

Join the human resources revolution, whether you have a team of two or 300. ZingNeo streamlines the way you manage Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Learning Management, Hiring & Onboarding, Recruitment Software, Digital Onboarding, Payroll Management. ZingNeo is easy for HR administrators to stay on top.

Functionality aimed at streamlining key aspects of HR, such as absence, employee records, updates and warnings, and recruitment process management. HR is all in one location with ZingNeo, and it’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from wherever it’s most convenient. The regular updates and alerts given by ZingNeo help you retain full control over the HR feature. You may consciously prepare how to incorporate HR tasks into your daily plan thanks to daily reminders. Real-time notifications allow you to respond rapidly when the situation calls for it.

Prasad Rajappan, Founder & Managing Director, ZingHR said, “ZingNeo is a part of our commitment to serving a diverse clientele across sectors in the SMB market. We are eyeing to diversify our offerings in our endeavour to deliver HR Tech solutions and directly impact business outcomes for SMB businesses.”

Ravi Kikan, Director, Marketing, Online Sales and Growth ZingHR said, “HR departments use technology to monitor their employees, store and organize employee data, and analyze employee results. HR procedures and systems become more successful and efficient as a result of technological advances. HR activities, when correctly applied with advanced methods, maximize benefits and eliminate challenges for the company.”

He adds,Here are some top reasons why an SMB business like yours should switch ease HR with ZingNeo – Shifting the center of human resources, Incorporating data into HR systems, Analyzing large volumes of HR data to make contact simpler, Integration that is adaptable and Security fit for a company

Sanjay Kamath, Vice President, ZingHR said, “80% small and medium-sized businesses comprise major chunk approximately 80% of our country’s economy. We are focused on building innovative HR Tech products which will help SMB’s to look beyond just HR as a process but HR as a contributor to the top line and bottom-line growth through various HR software products and services. We are eyeing to target 10 x growths in the coming year.”

Rajat Luthra, Director, Customer Experience and Outcomation, ZingHR said, “We have created an innovative and standard implementation process for a 3.5-day standard global product delivery. We will be focusing on quick implementation for the SMB’s to drive profitability and scalability.”

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