Wecript, next-generation private & safe search engine, India’s answer to global tech giants.

New Delhi [India]: What’s the one thing that you crave for? For some people, it’s financial freedom and for some, it’s freedom in a relationship. At the end of the day, you need your space, freedom, and control over your life. Privacy and control over your personal life matter the most. Not only in your real life but also in social life. But do you think in 2021, that you are having your privacy and freedom in your social life and personal life? Aren’t you giving the control to access your private information by accepting cookies and other personal information permissions in search engines? This is a serious question and India needs a strong answer, not just India but globally.

The answer to the above question is the privacy policies of various search engines. Every search engine has its privacy policy but still, your data is being tracked and monitored. Do you think it’s the right thing to do? No, it’s not. Search engines and websites shouldn’t save or share any personal information. Wecript is one such search engine developed by an Indian startup company sKarn RoboticS to protect your personal data and make your life personal safe and secure.

Initiated under the Atma Nirbhar Program started by PM Modi, developed by an Indian startup company sKarn RoboticS, Wecript has users throughout the world it’s not limited to India only. According to few sources, it is clear that Wecript is attracting a lot of investors. sKarn RoboticS has taken this initiative intending to build a search engine that prioritizes its users’ privacy. The most significant difference between other technology companies and sKarn RoboticS is that they care about your personal life, they take data privacy as their responsibility.

The private download manager is the most exciting feature of the Wecript search engine in their next level in-house browser. Wecript doesn’t compromise when it comes to your personal information. While using Wecript one doesn’t need to worry about the search history or the data leakage. Wecript browser comes with an app lock feature that is highly safe to use. The other features of Wecript browse are reader mode QR scan and many more.

According to sKarn Robotics and Wecript Founder, The Karn has a strategy of Data privacy and security that is required in today’s internet world, Wecript and its products line can make India global leader in terms of technology and privacy that is required in every country around the world. they are not just limited to search engines, they are on the verge of building a tech products ecosystem with help of the latest AI and technology to protect people’s online privacy.

As a startup they are not just working on technology according to sources they are taking women empowerment to the next level and are planning to diversify their options by assigning all higher authorities to women, If you support “Make In India and Digital India”, an initiative by PM Narendra Modi, It is time to support tech startups like The sKarn Robotics, Wecript is an excellent move towards Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Social media is both a threat and a boon for society. To make the internet a better place, search engines like Wecript with advanced private policies and features are introduced to the world. Wecript is a safe search engine and the best online place to search and browse and with all the above-level features there’s no point of data leakage. Being the first Indian startup to present a highly-secured search engine, Wecript is gradually increasing its users online and is also providing its services efficiently.

To know much about Wecript and surf the web securely, visit the website: Wecript.org


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