Vishwashanti Mahayagna entered the World Book of Records

In the presence of Acharya Kushagranandi Maharaj, the 51-hour Vishwashanti Mahayagna was completed with Swami Devendrakirti’s chanting

Udaipur (Rajasthan) [India], December 8: The 51-hour Vishwashanti Mahayagna organized on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, under Shri Kalyanmandir Aradhana in the presence of Devshraman Acharya Kushagranandi Ji Maharaj and his disciple Bhattarak Devendra Swami Ji at Padmaprabhu Digambar Jain Temple in Pahada, get recorded in the ‘World Book of Records. During this, under the 51-day Akhand Kalyan Mandir Aradhana Vidhaan, 21 lakh mantras were performed by Acharya Kushagranandi Maharaj while observing a 45-day waterless fast.

Describing the Digambar Sadhus as ‘a wonder’ in the present times, Acharya Kushagra Nandi Ji Maharaj said, “Tap and rituals are the subjects of meditation and worship of Digambara saints. This ritual is meant to ignite the ray of positive change in one’s life, which is the heritage of Digambara society. It is the responsibility of every person in society to preserve it. Yagna is a form of Tap. Yagnas are performed for specific siddhis or purposes. In addition to the Jain scriptures, the Yajurveda in the Vedas is full of mantras of Yagna.”

During this, Acharya Kushagranandi Maharaj performed Mahaparana of 45 days of rigorous worship under the 51-day Akhand Aradhana Vidhaan. The team of World Records of Book from London did a live broadcast of the Akhand Havan and registered it in the world record. Meanwhile, 1008 couples from Udaipur performed Padgahan during Acharyashree’s diet. Thereafter, the Mahaparana of Acharya Shri was performed. During this, a large number of followers of Jainism were present in Pahada and nearby areas.

The certificate of record was bestowed to Bhattarak Shri Devendrakirti Swamiji and Devshraman Acharya Shri Kushagranandi Guruvarya by Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Mr. Rajesh Shukla, & Mrs. Tithi Bhalla (officials of World Recod of Books) along with dignitaries.

Congratulating on entering into the World Book of Records, Barrister Santosh Shukla, President and CEO, World Book of Records, says, “My heartiest congratulations to Bhattarak Shri Devendrakirti Swamiji and Devshraman Acharya Shri Kushagranandi Guruvarya for successfully conducting the 51-hour Vishwashanti Mahayagna and getting it recorded in the World Book of Records.”

After completing the Yagna, Bhattarak Devendrakirti, who was the originator of this Vishwashanti Mahayagna, says, “Yagna can be said to be the authentic way to gain authority over visible and invisible, conscious and unconscious things both in this world and heaven. Yagna is a scientific method, which is 100% effective and authentic. Yagna is a scientific method that is 100 percent effective and authentic. Amazing results are obtained by performing the Yagna completely according to the scriptures following the rules and regulations. Amid ongoing conflicts around the world, India has always acted as a peacemaker. In such a situation, this Vishwa Shanti Mahayagna, organized by the Udaipur Digambar Jain Samaj, has not only taken the initiative of world welfare but also through the Yagna, purity, sacredness and divine energy have been communicated in the surrounding environment.”

Under the guidance of Acharya Kushagranandi, Bhattarak Devendrakirti has twice won the Guinness Book of World Records, once the Golden Book of Records, as well as the World Book of Records and once again, entered the World Book of Records with Vishwashanti Mahayagya. Shravak-Shravikas from all over the country including Udaipur, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Kanortak, and Devalgaon came to participate in this Mahayagya which was completed after 45 days of nirjal fasting.

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