Vandana Sharma – The czarina of healing techniques

 July 23: Wellness has become critical in today’s world, and spiritual healing has seen immense popularity all over the world. This also saw an increasing number of wellness coaches and healers ready to offer their services. Social media is flooded with different healing techniques, all claiming to be powerful and effective.

Being spoilt for choice, it is quite possible to skip the best or the one most suited to our needs. We thought of simplifying things for you. Meet Mrs. Vandana Sharma – the inventor of the most powerful healing technique in the world – “The Power of Powers.” She is The Power of Powers Inventor, Master, teacher and facilitator. She is an entrepreneur and a self-motivated woman. She is the inventor of unique and most advanced astrology and Vastu science in the world – SaEnergy Astrology and SaEnergyVastu.

The inception of Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited

Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited was established in December 2019, though Vandana has been working as a freelancer since October 2016. “I was suffering from many diseases, namely diabetes, heart ailment, arthritis, low blood pressure, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, Vitamin B-12 deficiency and severe allergy due to the tablets and supplements. When I first took it, I fainted in just a few minutes. I am a vegetarian, so my diet does not support Vitamin B12 intake much. I had very low levels of calcium in spite of taking high doses of calcium every day, and also, last but not least, I had an incisional hernia which can be cured only through surgery. I had an interaction with the divine source of Power of Powers in October 2016, where I got a new life, and then all my ailments disappeared, and I am probably the only person on the earth to heal my hernia without any operation” narrates Vandana. 

She adds that from then onwards, the power came within her and her family to heal and with the divine guidance of Power of Powers, they developed a very powerful, absolute and result-oriented healing technique, and they named it Power of Powers. They started healing their relatives and friends without their knowledge, and the Sharmas saw the results in them. “Their lives became more beautiful after our healing”, says Vandana.

“After that, we started as a freelancer, and our first client was a blind lady with autoimmune disease and with our healing, she was able to see. All her problems were solved. Then more people came from across the world and got results. We waited till December 2019 to gather different testimonials with different types of successful cases through our healing,” claims Vandana.

They expanded their horizon with the blessings of Power of Powers and started Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited in 2019. Her family co-owns this business, where she is the chairperson. She claims that this is a leading healing and wellness company in the world.

Healing Services

The Sharmas are energy healers and have more than 50 types of services and programs. They claim that they can heal any issue related to physical, emotional, mental, financial, or relationship issues. They also claim to work equally efficiently on humans, plants, animals, and machines too can be healed with this science.

Some of their flagship programs, as mentioned by them, are –

  1. SuperHuman Program
  2. SuperKid Program 
  3. SuperPowerBusiness Program 
  4. SuperPowerBusiness Accelerator Program 
  5. SuperSportsPerson Program 
  6. Parenthood with Power of Powers 
  7. IVF with Power of Powers
  8. SuperPowerInvestor Program 
  9. Employee Engagement Program
  10. Business Upgradation Program 
  11. Business Revival Program 
  12. Manifestation Masterclass
  13. Unique Art of Self Motivation
  14. Spiritual Heart Connection 
  15. Soul Connection Class 
  16. Soul Empowerment program 
  17. Power Of Powers Meditation 
  18. Power Of Powers Basic Practitioner’s Course 
  19. Kundalini Awakening with Power Of Powers 
  20. Special Healing Session 
  21. Deep Rooted Healing Session
  22. Past Session 
  23. Future Session 

Mission and Vision

Sharing about the vision and mission of the company, Vandana shares –

Our mission is to heal the entire world and make this world a beautiful place to live in. Also, our mission is to bust the myths prevailing in society about healing and spirituality, which have ruined so many lives across the world. So, we want to tell people the real thing and the truth about healing and spiritual science, to bring awareness among them about this so that they can live a happy, abundant and progressive life.

The vision of our company is to have a huge client base all across the world with our franchise in every part of the world so that we can support as many people as we can. This we want to achieve in just the next five years, and with Power of Powers, it is easily possible.

People behind Power of Powers

Vandana shares that it is a family-run business in which she is the chairperson who started this company with her family. She is a Commerce graduate, a housewife initially, but now she is the owner of multiple companies in India and abroad. She claims to be the most powerful and advanced Energy Healer of all time.

Mr. Ajay Sharma, her husband, is the MD and CEO. He is an Electronics Engineer, worked as Director for some companies and then started his own business with zero money. Now, he co-owns multiple businesses with his family.

Mr. Harshit Sharma, the elder son, is the Director and COO. He is an Electronics Engineer with extraordinary knowledge of business, and at the young age of 21 years, he became a business consultant. He co-owns multiple businesses with his family. He is a perfect example of a SuperHuman.

Mr. Ayush Sharma, the younger son, is the Director and Vice Chairperson (nominated) at the young age of 17 years. He is a perfect example of a SuperKid. He is studying in 12th standard but has extraordinary business understanding and is highly innovative and a scientific approach. He co-owns the family businesses.

The Company’s USP

“The USP of our company is that we are technically ahead of all our competitors. We give all our clients lifetime support. We have a 100% success rate so far, irrespective of the type and complications of the issues. The science we use is limitless and makes everything and anything possible,” claims Vandana.

The companies she owns include –

  1. Sekhem Healing Centre Private Limited – A leading healing and wellness company.
  2. Power of Powers Foundation – An NGO to reach everyone who is in need. 
  3. Astra Edutech Association – An education and technology company.
  4. SaAstraSuperKids – A unique preschool chain.
  5. Sky Tech Exports Pvt Ltd. – Export company.
  6. Sekhem Healing Centre Holdings Limited – An holding company in the UK. 
  7. Bring A Smile On Every Face Initiative Limited – An NGO in the UK.
  8. VanJay Business Strategic Consultants – Business/Growth/M & A Consultants.
  9. VanJay Digital – Digital Marketing Company. 
  10. Sky Playscape – Kids Playzone& Party Area.  

The Challenges 

Vandana initially faced challenges in creating awareness about this amazing science to the world as this is something new and very powerful with amazing results which no one has achieved so far. 

“But we accepted the challenge, and now we have clients in 100 countries in a very short span. We have successfully healed more than 18000 people so far across the globe. Now as we have the Power Of Powers, there is no challenge as it makes everything easy and smooth for us,” shares Vandana.

Expansion Plans

Vandana is looking ahead to having its presence in the PAN world, and they are introducing a franchise model so that it will expand very quickly across the globe with almost everyone knowing them and availing of their services and programs, which they claim are result-oriented and life-transforming.


“My personal ideology is that I am ready to help everyone who needs me and willing to go to any extent to make people happy and abundant. This is why I am on this Earth. My professional ideology is that I am always honest, dedicated, transparent and supportive to all my clients and always give them more than the value of their money with unmatched lifelong support,” says Vandana.

Her Success Mantra – “I am a daughter of The Divine Power Of Powers, and this makes everything possible for me in all verticals, all situations and all levels of my life. I can do whatever I want to with the Power of Powers. So this is my Success Mantra – Connection with The Power Of Powers with complete surrender to this energy. My every breath is by it and for it.”

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Vandana says, “I have Power of Powers with me, so I have the power to make that balance. I can do more tasks in a shorter period of time. My working hours are long due to clients all across the world, and I work from 6 am to 2 am every day. But in between that time I spend time with my family, go out with them and even play games or do exercises together. We eat together and enjoy our life as equally as we work. And Power of Powers gives us the energy to work so long and maintain the same energy level throughout that time span every whole day year. We go for one-week vacations four times a year. During vacations, also I do healing sessions with critical patients and the work we do with our two-year program participants, so we don’t skip their process.” Website –

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