Tree AMS Unveils Revolutionary Franchise Management Technology, Transforming Business Operations and Excellence Across Industries

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 5: It marks a pivotal moment in the business transformation narrative as “Tree AMS” unveiled its revolutionary Franchise Management technology on 28th February at Sahara Star, Mumbai. Positioned as the World’s most Comprehensive Franchise Management System, TreeAMS has been meticulously crafted to empower franchise owners across diverse industries, placing them firmly in control of their operations. The state-of-the-art platform offers a comprehensive view of vital performance indicators across your franchise network, effortlessly accessible through an intuitive dashboard. The business transformation software sets a new benchmark for industry innovation with its versatile application spanning sectors such as education, F&B, fitness, wellness, beauty, cleaning, and talent management.

At the eagerly awaited launch event, an esteemed assembly of industry leaders and distinguished organizations, including the venerable Dadar Catering College celebrating their 70th anniversary, along with renowned establishments such as Ekaa restaurant, dynamic entities like Smaart Eat LLP, Esora, and industry powerhouse Marico Industries, gathered with palpable excitement to witness the unveiling of Tree AMS. Krescendo Communications served as the media partner, while Mett.AI stood as the alliance partner for this momentous occasion.

The event, graced by industry stalwarts, served as a platform for a thought-provoking conclave-themed ‘Crafting Culinary Success – Harnessing Operational Excellence in F & B,’ alongside leaders from various sectors. Krescendo Communications and Mett.AI orchestrated seamless media and communications partnerships, while the launch received unwavering support from powerhouses Paradigm 360, Astreem, and Top Franchise Asia. The convergence of such esteemed entities underscored the industry’s anticipation and eagerness for the transformative solutions offered by Tree AMS.

As the complexity of managing hotel franchises continues to escalate, Tree AMS emerges as the quintessential solution, providing stakeholders with a cohesive platform to amplify efficiency and productivity. At its core, our software boasts robust features, including audit management, bespoke training programs, a vast manuals library, issue-tracking capabilities, process optimization tools, and a dynamic dashboard for real-time insights.

Key features of Tree AMS:

– Comprehensive Training Programs: Franchises can set up customized training programs for each role, ensuring that every team member is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.

-Efficient Audit Management: Conduct management audits seamlessly and assign corrective action measures to maintain operational excellence.

– Centralized Issue Tracking: Raise, view, and monitor the status of issues in real-time, enabling swift resolution and proactive management.

– Streamlined Process Building: Create and optimize operational processes to enhance efficiency and standardization across all franchises.

– Insightful Reporting: Access financial and non-financial reports from a single platform, facilitating informed decision-making and performance evaluation.

Vijayalakshmi Subramnay, Director, PARADIGM360 remarks, “This launch marks a significant advancement in business management solutions, offering transformative features for businesses of all models,” remarks Vijayalakshmi Subramnay, Director, PARADIGM360. “We are excited to introduce this platform in India, enabling businesses to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and drive sustainable growth.”

Astreem, CEO, Hsein Naidu, jests, “Our goal at TreeAMS is to provide businesses, whether in a franchise model or not, with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. Through our platform, businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and profitability, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence.”

About Tree AMS– TreeAMS is leading the charge in revolutionizing traditional manual franchise management methods through technology. TreeAMS seamlessly implements and integrates multiple key performance indicators onto a unified dashboard by harnessing innovative solutions. This empowers franchisors with invaluable insights for driving franchise growth while enabling franchise managers to swiftly act on data-driven insights for enhanced franchisee management across diverse territories. Trusted by brands and franchisors across Southeast Asia, TreeAMS delivers real-time, actionable insights to franchisors and franchisees, ensuring continuous improvement and success in the dynamic World of franchising.

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