Touch Blevins Shared Stories of JS Atwal that Were Never Heard Before

March 14: Touch Blevins is a popular California-based cinematographer who has worked with many American and Indian artists and is known for his work on some of the most popular songs. In 2020, he collaborated with JS Atwal who is an Indian-born singer popular for his amazing vocals and music video. Their song “Sharaabi Teri Tor” featuring Bohemia was a major hit across all streaming platforms and it was one of those songs of the year which was playing at every club in India and the states. During this project, he got to know about JS Atwal and they have been friends ever since.

Blevins shared some inspiring stories about JS Atwal which were never heard before. Blevins said that JS Atwal comes from a very humble background and his parents are farmers. Whatever he has achieved in the music industry is due to his grit, hard work, and passion for music. Back in India, he used to be a farmer as well and he is proud of his past for that is what built him up to be the tough and disciplined man that he is known for in the music industry.

Blevins said that there are certain traits that make a man successful and JS Atwal has everything that it needs to succeed in every field. This is the reason why he loves working with him as he listens very carefully and is really articulate in his demeanour. It is because of Atwal that the shooting of their upcoming song “Ha Ke Na” could get completed in Las Vegas without any hassle. For those who don’t know JS Atwal is coming up with his new song “Ha Ke Na”and it’ll be his first song which will be releasing under his own label “White Magic Music” and will feature Brenna Marie and the song has been shot in Vegas. Brenna Marie was recently seen in Red Notice, a Netflix special along with the movie legends like Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and according to Blevins, she was equally good in the song as well. The CFO  & Head of “White Magic Music” Sumit Sharma also expressed his excitement about this project in his recent interview.

Touch Blevins said that he likes to make the artist familiar with the concepts before their projects go on the floor and during one such meeting with JS Atwal, JS Atwal also revealed that his family has been greatly affected and is saddened by the ongoing farmer’s protest in India and Blevins also expressed his concerns for the same.

“He is a very concerned human being who is deeply empathetic for his people and friends around him. He looks like he is born to do something great. He has that capacity.” Blevins said.

JS Atwal also used to stay active in politics back in India and he was an active worker of the Indian Nation Lok Dal Party in 2015. Blevins said that JS Atwal always wants the best for his people and he will make sure that at the end of the day, his people get what they truly deserve as they have already sacrificed a lot for this country.

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