The New Contagion

Kolkata, Aug 7: The world has shaken us to awaken us. We have all witnessed the power of a tiny virus known as Corona. At the same time, we have also witnessed the power of another tiny virus. Kindness. Almost as contagious.

We have seen doctors, nurses, frontline workers, and social workers put their own lives at risk to save the lives of so many others.

An interesting question comes up here. Without even putting our lives at risk, if there were a way to save eight lives, or give vision to six people, then why would we not?

Until recently, there was no hope for those suffering from end-stage organ failure. Neither were there any poetic crimson sunrises or golden sunsets for those who knew only one colour: black? And then yes, a solution was found. The ‘vaccine’ was found. Yes, it took years of research and hard work. It was called Organ Donation. A miracle of medical science. A medical landing on the moon.

At a time when the world was praying for the COVID vaccine, how would it be if, now, after we have the vaccine, people continued to die simply because they refused to make use of it?

While we have been discussing daily figures of fatalities due to COVID in the last year, let us be informed that five lakh lives are lost in India every year due to organ failure.

While we say ‘yes’ to the COVID vaccine to save our own lives, let us say ‘yes’ to Organ Donation too – a vaccine that can help save lives of others.

Let us take this as our national duty.

Let us pledge to be Organ Donor today.

Let us usher in the contagion of Kindness.

Shruti Mohta

Shruti Mohta is a crusader for organ donation, spreading awareness since 2017, and is the founder of the Live Kingsize Die Kingsize Foundation. The foundation has some of the leading transplant doctors of India and also enjoys the support of eminent persons from the fields of music, dance, theatre, sports and business.

A TEDx speaker, Shruti has been invited by several prestigious organisations, educational institutions and hospitals to give awareness talks.  She has also been promoting awareness through newspapers, radio, television and social media, receiving hundreds of pledges.

Her dream is that in a few years no one dies for want of an organ.

A campaign has been planned for World Organ Donation Day on 13 August. Personalities like Kapil Dev, Usha Uthup, Shiamak Davar, NityanandaCharan Das of ISKCON, actress Bhagyashree, author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, and several others have already sent their own pledge videos which will help to motivate and inspire many towards this life-saving cause.

Shruti will be leading a panel discussion on 12th August at 8 PM IST, with some of the leading transplant doctors of the country, the Jt.Director of ROTTO, and other experts. This will be streamed live on the FB pages of the LKDK Foundation as well as PRSI, Kolkata Chapter. All are welcome to join this informative session.

Live Kingsize Die Kingsize Foundation 


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