The journey, from Makeup Artist to Beauty Educator – Deepti Gaba

Faridabad (Haryana) [India], July 19: Deepti Gaba, mother to 1 child and a wife to a loving and supporting husband, was a workaholic and someone who couldn’t sit idly ever. Until after her pregnancy, things took a sheer turn in her life towards the path she now walks on.

After her pregnancy, Deepti couldn’t quite sit idly. She couldn’t very much sit idly after she conceived since she was an active person and was always willing to spend her time productively. With all the time that she had, Deepti decided to do something that she personally enjoyed. She took up the VLCC course and went ahead with the level 1 make-up course. She tried outlooks on her ever-supportive family members who really loved the outcome and thus, her husband pushed her to go ahead with the level 2 course as well. Soon after her level 2 was done, she started with level 3 as well and by the time she completed that course, she already had lined up clients and she was also teaching make-up to the many budding artists. Her interest only started building more and more and she willed to explore more in the beauty field. Thus, DBeauty came to life.

A makeup artist, now an entrepreneur to the DBeauty brand, had the vision to provide make-up products that were rarely available in the Indian market or were very much expensive. She created a beauty blender called velvety blender and also makeup brushes that could be fiercely used for many purposes. Her brand was not only providing rare quality products but was also pocket-friendly to many. She would also host giveaways of her venture’s products which would help, even a few, who loved makeup and beauty products to create looks and feel the essence of it.

With all that was going, our make-up artist grew grandly on her Instagram.  Many high-end brands like L’Oréal and Sugar cosmetics approached her to create makeup looks with their products, the recent one being Sephora. Sephora loved her way of creating looks, the authenticity of it, and thus wanted Deepti to use make-up from their venture to create looks. She has been thriving as an artist and as an entrepreneur. Soon enough, she started creating TikTok and YouTube videos and received tremendous responses. A little while later, through many requests, she also started creating videos in Hindi and not just English. She would practice and make tutorial videos in Hindi for her viewers and her audience. It gave her followers a safe space to reach out to her whenever needed, considering the national language of our country has the power and comfort, many have forgotten. She regularly posts tutorial videos on her Instagram @deeptigabatutorials. Check her socials and surely, you’ll find your comfort within her videos.

Over the years, Deepti has dealt with many who have not liked her work, only she would take the negatives as a way of suggestions and not in a form of hate. She has created a promising career, and even though she has had clients who would get anxious before the end look, she has known how to handle her clients well. She has always remained authentic and herself, even when she had clients wanting something from her that very well did not make Deepti, as an artist, her authentic self. “Everyone is born beautiful the way they are, it’s only about embracing oneself positively,” Deepti lives by this motto through and through and makes sure her clients always feel confident and presentable the way they are.

Follow her on Instagram: deeptigabatutorials

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