The First-Ever Indian PRO Championship Sets Global Records

~ The very first Indian rendition of the acclaimed Professional Raw Organisation championship invited a host of glorious wins ~

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], March 14: Globally acclaimed sports establishment, Professional Raw Organisation organised its first national championship at Onyx Fitness: Pai Layout in Bangalore between March 11th and 13th 2022. This internationally sanctioned championship primarily consisted of three flagship events, namely – Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Push-Pull, and also birthed a number of world records, including the one set by Maryam Mohammed, a 13-year-old girl, who became the youngest female lifter to set a Deadlift record in a Push-Pull championship.

Over 300 athletes across the country registered themselves for the Professional Raw Organisation’s Push-Pull Championship 2022, making it one of the most registered internationally-sanctioned national powerlifting competitions. The winners included Krishna Singh, Gulshan Kazi, Kritika Mathew, Kirankumar Reddy, SumitShokeen, Adityaraj Sarma, Partho Choudhary, Srinivas Gowda, Mohammed Azmat, Niraj Bora, and Vikram Phogat Singh.

Under the leadership and guidance of Mohammed Azmat, the PRO met the director and head referee; the championship ran smoothly and ensured a positive experience for the athletes.

Being an internationally-sanctioned powerlifting competition, the Professional Raw Organisation committee anticipated a number of national records and potential world records to be set. And exceeding all the expectations, this national push-pull championship set the benchmark for many aspirants rather high. Some notable mentions include:

– Yusuf Sawood, at the age of 10 years, became the youngest athlete to participate in the national championship.

– As mentioned earlier, the 13-year-old Maryam Mohammed became the youngest Indian female powerlifter to set a PRO world record in Deadlifts.

– Gulshan Kazi, Partho Choudhury, Srivani Reddy, Preet Ranaand Mohammed Azmat set world records among the master category athletes.

– Niraj Bora, Kirankumar Reddy, AdityarajSarma, and Yahya Mohammed set world records among the teen and junior athletes.

– Krishna Singh earned the #1 rank for Bench Press, Deadlifts, and the Push-Pull in women, a clean sweep in all 3 events.

– Sumit Shokeen earned the #1 rank for Deadlifts and Push-Pull, while Vikram Singh Phogat earned the #1 rank for Bench Press.

Commenting on the occasion, Saad Khayoom, PRO League India’s head said, “We’re very happy to celebrate the success of the championship. The ultimate goal of organising this competition was to provide a big platform to the existing and upcoming athletes of India and bring international recognition for their accomplishments. The national championship is only the first step of our international outreach. The team has already started working towards the upcoming Asian championship, where elite athletes across the globe will get an opportunity to put their best foot forward and go head to head with the champions in India.”

The winners will be given an opportunity to represent India at the Professional Raw Organisation’s Asian, European, and world championships, to be held during October in Portugal.

Many fitness-focused companies such as Corebolics, Relentless Strength, Maximum Effort, TrainWithSaad and OhMyWeb extended their support by funding the entire event. Internationally recognised power-lifters such as Rajat Dalal, Vikram Phogat Singh, Kirankumar Reddy, and Gulshan Kazi were also in attendance and participated in the said competitions.

Sandro Eusebio, International Powerlifter and Founder of PRO, added, “India is a massive country with an amazing talent pool and passion for powerlifting. We’re extremely happy and motivated by the response we’ve received in this championship. I would also like to extend gratitude towards the team and appreciate their efforts in putting together an event of this magnitude. Given Saad Khayoom and his team’s dedication, we hope to bring the best out of the athletes by providing all the possible resources and opportunities to help them grow in the future.”

Founded by the legendary Powerlifter and Strongman Sandro Eusebio, Professional Raw Organisation (commonly known as PRO) is an elite powerlifting federation based in Portugal. The establishment is famous for organising Squats, Bench Press, and Deadlift championships across the globe to support, train, and encourage the athletes who are engaged in the field of powerlifting.

To know more about Professional Raw Organisation and their contribution within the realm of powerlifting, please visit their website that is mentioned below.


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