The All New Cheesy Pizzas, Launched by Ajay’s Takeaway Food on 1st Jan 23

Surat, January 3: Adding another delectable dish to its offerings, Ajay’s Takeaway Food, the fastest-growing QSR Chain in Gujarat, has ushered in the New Year by launching an All New Cheesy Pizza Range on Sunday.

The new range of scrumptious pizzas is extremely cheesy and yet delivers the authentic Indian taste, making it an unmissable combination for Ajay’s customers. The All New Cheesy Pizza range varieties feature three exotic pizzas and two basic pizzas.

The real magic is in the Exotic Pizza variety with Classic Corn Pizza and Tandoori Paneer Pizza, while those who live spicy food can enjoy the Super Schezwan Pizza. The new pizzas come with a mix of delectable toppings, indulgent mozzarella cheese, and sauces exclusively made to ensure an authentic and heavenly taste.

“We are excited to launch the All-New Cheesy Pizza range and fulfil our customers’ wishes. The introduction of Super Cheesy pizzas reiterates our philosophy of focusing on quality, innovation, taste, and a customer-first approach while providing affordable food experiences. We are aiming to give our customers the real stringy and cheesy pizza experience with a flavour of India, and we are confident customers will love it,” said Ajay Solanki, Director of Ajay’s Takeaway Food.

The succulent toppings sprinkled with flavourful garnishes on a crisp base make for a great authentic pizza experience. Starting at just Rs. 60, the Margherita and Veg Delight pizzas are a deal meal. The new range replaces its previous varieties of pizzas.

Ajay’s began operations in 2014, and delivering what customers want is one of the biggest reasons behind its success. It introduced new burger favours, French fries with dip, and now the All New Cheesy Pizza range to offer customers a wide variety of choices. Known as the common man’s food joint, Ajay’s is on a mission to serve high-quality food at affordable rates.

To make its menu even more affordable, Ajay’s offers exclusive offers on purchasing various combos through the ‘Ajay’s Good Food Official’ app. Ajay’s has witnessed phenomenal growth in the past couple of years. From just 13 outlets in July 2020, it has expanded to 123 outlets in the south and central Gujarat and has just recently allocated its master franchise in Ahmedabad for its North Gujarat expansion.

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