The Able Leadership of Shri Narendra Modi: Acharya Pawan Tripathi (VP- Mumbai BJP)

India, September 17: On the eve of the diamond jubilee celebrations of India’s independence, it is important to look back and evaluate the time which has elapsed. It is because if we don’t learn from history, there will never be progress.


If you briefly evaluate the history of India, especially the post-independence era, it can be broadly divided into three parts. The first segment can be said from 1947 till 1977, when people were high on the spirit of nationalism. This was the time when the credit of India’s independence struggle was selectively passed on to only one family to ensure they remain in power. Great leaders like Shri Dadabhai Naroji, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, Shri Mahatma Gandhi and many more have contributed significantly to motivate people to join the struggle for independence. But the irony is they only did hard labour without having any expectations of any kind. Their only goal was India’s independence. But the hard fact is that post-independence, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru took control of the policymaking and legislation, which eventually passed on to his daughter Mrs. Indira Gandhi. However, the interim period of Shri Lalbahadur Sashtri was short but effective. However, post that when Indira Gandhi took control, the courtship politics got so strong that she became like a dictator. She finally imposed an emergency in the country by suspending the constitution of India in 1975. A new era evolved in 1977 when the citizens of India defeated Indira Gandhi democratically. By showing the door to Congress, the people of this country proved that Congress is not undefeatable. By this time, people became vigilant and got up against the dictatorship of Congress.


The time between 1977 till 2014 was the transformation period for Indian politics. The period was too long but a decisive one. We have seen many upheavals and changes during this period. The transformation was both political as well as social. Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India as the fair outcome of this great transformation. The process of establishing the democratic ethos by dismantling the rule of dictatorship was initiated during the period of Mrs. Indira Gandhi only. Though Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru changed the democratic setup to dynastic rule, in reality, the true spirit of democratic values as envisioned by our great leaders like Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Ambedkar could be established only during the period when Mr. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. It was the commitment of our great leaders who fought for independence to provide the basic necessities like food, clothes and shelter to each of our citizens. If we question whether we were able to fulfil the same in the last 75 years, the answer will be no.


Since 2014, Shri. Narendra Modi has overcome every challenge thrown at him. His working style improved with every criticism. The volley of criticism and commentary did not deter him, and each of his opponents failed.

Sonia Gandhi once tried to project him as a merchant of death. But the truth was far from what was said. He is accepted as the apostle for peace, also equally feared by the terrorists as well. Very rarely do we find a persona who, on one side, left no stone unturned to establish peace and, on the other hand, stood strongly against the extremist and terrorists. This gives evidence of his identity. The dream of clean India, jobs for all, shelter for everyone, electricity for every home, clean water and roads for every village, education for all, data & internet to every corner of India and many more such issues to improve the lives of citizens was thought by no one else other than Shri. Narendra Modi.


We must remember that Gandhiji’s policy to empower villages can be made possible when a leader like Modiji vows to make it successful. He successfully launched toilets, electricity in every house, a pucca house for the poor, a plan to provide a pension for every poor, ayushman pension plan to safeguard the life of farmers, street vendors, etc. He also stopped any plan that drained the taxpayers’ money and closed all such loopholes. By changes in the system, he confiscated crores of bogus ration cards and ensured that ration for the poor should reach the needy at their doorsteps. Asking to surrender the subsidy to those who are able, but giving free gas connection to the poor can’t be the brainchild of a normal leader. Those who have felt the pain & sufferings of their mothers and sisters suffer by smoky Indian stoves can only take a vow to improve and make life better. 


Only a person who feels the pain of ladies in the absence of a pucca house or toilet can pledge to eradicate such issues. Those who know the pains of the farmers can implement Kisan Samman Yojana. A leader who is determined to provide security to its citizens can dare to think of piloting an Ariel attack on terrorists inside Pakistan. Because of these qualities only, he is compared with leaders of G7 like US, Germany, France etc. He is the man who was barred to enter Gujarat politics but returned with force after a decade. Nails were laid down on his way to Delhi for years, but he made his presence felt there as well. When he stands in the UN and appeals for peace for mankind and humanity, it shows results. Even a decade back, no one thought India could influence the all-powerful US president. Days before, when India signed a nuclear treaty with the US, the slogan was floated “Singh is King”. But today, both Pakistan and China accept that India is one of the closest allies of the US. And a new slogan came, and that is Modi is King. His diplomacy amongst India’s foreign policy proved that today India enjoys best relations with European nations in the last 75 years. For the first time, we stood eye to eye against China in the last five decades. For the first time in the last 70 years, Pakistan was made a beggar before the world. These all achievements were possible because of Modi’s hard and selfless work. Modiji made Swami Vivekananda’s words true that the 21st Century will be of India. No doubt the 20th Century was of the United States and the 19th Century was of Europe. But there is no doubt the 21st century will be India’s pride under the leadership of only Modi. He is leading the nation to fulfil Gandhiji’s dream, Madan Mohan Malviya’s Rising India which in our holy books is named Ram Rajya. He can neither be stopped by Pakistan nor by China being in that position. This opportunity has come to India after many years, which made it possible to construct Ram Mandir and remove article 370 from J&K. For the benefit of the common people, he passed the triple talaq law. India should achieve its position of pride in the true sense. There is no doubt that the credit of achieving the pride position in its diamond jubilee year goes to Shri. Narendra Modi only.



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