Techila Global Services Provides An Ideal Platform To IT Employees For Making The Much-needed Switch To Salesforce

The company aims at helping IT aspirants and professionals build robust careers in Salesforce

Ahmedabad, Gujarat [India]: Techila Global Services (, a noted Salesforce development company and Salesforce Consulting Partner Company, intends to help IT professionals in switching their careers to Salesforce and have a successful run in the same. The company aims at providing Salesforce jobs to deserving candidates (freshers and experienced professionals) and making them well-versed with the Salesforce experience.

Salesforce was launched more than twenty years ago and became an instant favourite in the business CRM industry. Since then, Salesforce has helped an array of businesses, educational institutions, NGOs, and government organizations to keep an extensive database of their customers/clients/students/donors and use the same for providing personalized services on different platforms.

Right from Salesforce development to operating on various Salesforce offerings, the new technology has slowly turned into a field of study. Apart from using the CRM platform for getting the desired traction, developers can customize and configure Salesforce using a separate programming language (Apex) that is simpler, more advanced, and highly efficient.

Techila Global Services wishes to be more professionals working with programming languages like Java and .NET towards Salesforce development for keeping them in sync with the latest technological advancements. Chitiz Agarwal, the founder and CEO of the company says, “The approach towards designing CRM platforms and building applications has changed over time. Today, it is important for a developer or a data architect to provide holistic services to their clients that allow them to get more by doing less. Salesforce is a technology that helps you build business-specific apps, carry out third-party integrations, and customize web pages in a quick, easy, and effective manner.”

For professionals who are not too well-versed with Salesforce, the team at Techila Global Services intends to provide them with extensive training in the same, helping them make a slow and sustainable shift. “In 2021, technology is the driving force in any society. We want to be instrumental in bringing about a change that matters,” Mr. Agarwal says.

About Techila Global Services

Techila Global Services is a Salesforce development company and Salesforce Consulting Partner Company based in Pune, Maharashtra. It is owned by Chitiz Agarwal – the Salesforce Guru in India. For more than eight years, the company has been helping businesses across the globe in implementing scalable CRM solutions and customizing Salesforce to suit their specific requirements.

Apart from providing Salesforce development and consulting services, Mr. Agarwal offers a free Salesforce training portal for Salesforce aspirants – Techila Academy. It is an extension of Techila Global Services that provides free online courses and hosts online webinars dedicated to Salesforce and its offerings.

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