Sunpure Extracts Pvt Ltd (A Natural Extract and dietary supplement manufacturing company) launches AshwaBoost 

April 30: Natural Extract and dietary supplement manufacturing company Sunpure Extracts Pvt Ltd has launched nutrition supplement AshwaBoost®. AshwaBoost® consists of clinically tested Ashwagandha 5% and recommended in Ayurvedic text and scriptures. It is launched under the flagship Brand SUNPURE.

This new product is designed to suit modern lifestyles, especially for the busy young millennials, this nutrition supplement is all set to further strengthen Sunpure’s nutrition portfolio. Understanding the busy lifestyles of the millennials today, Sunpure Research Incubation Centre (SRIC) has formulated the on-the-go nutrition solutions to meet their everyday nutrition needs.

Amit Srivastava, GM, SEPL India, said, “The launch of this AshwaBoost® is a defining moment in the evolution of the brand Sunpure. We aim to amplify the use of supplements in maintaining a healthy life with the efficacious and convenient nutritional product which are designed to meet nutritional requirements of all age groups”.

Today, with the youth spending time mostly indoors it becomes vital to address the need to maintain immunity and health. Understanding this need, we have so far introduced AshwaBoost® containing essential nutrients to benefit the targeted conditions. The product is specially designed to complement today’s fast-paced lifestyles of the young millennials and working professionals. The launch of AshwaBoost® puts impetus to our focus in the areas of personalized and simplified nutrition.

“The food systems in many countries do not offer adequate nutrient outputs to fulfill health and nutritional needs. Nearly half of the world’s population is malnourished. Micronutrient malnutrition also referred to as ‘hidden hunger’ now afflicts more than 35% of the world’s population,” said Saurabh Sharma (VP – Sales and Marketing) who has been working in food sector for over 2 decades.

Sunpure has natural Extracts production facility in Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr and they are exporting natural ingredients to over 20 countries, Sunpure has globally known B2B brands like CurcuBoost®, SPIRUproteen®, BOSWpure®, WKB20K® and NutraPure®. They have successfully filed 11 US DMFs for range of extracts. AshwaBoost is available on TATA 1mg, Flipkart, Amazon and my upchaar platforms.

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