Stufflane is growing swiftly in the eCommerce space

Stufflane is growing swiftly in the eCommerce space

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 13: The story says that, it is the tortoise, though slow and steady, who won the race. Not the rabbit. But in today’s start-up universe, the firstcomer who grabs a larger market share is seen as the winner.

Stufflane(dot)com is an exception to the current trend, which is growing swiftly in the eCommerce space, with pan India DTC sales, though not in a hurry to grab market share.

Changing focus from global to local, in the aftermath of covid 19 turbulence, was not an easy task. It was more like turning a ship in 90 degrees in the mid-sea, which was a near-death situation for any business. Though, Stufflane sailed it well and came out of the whirlpool in a shorter span of time.

The walkthrough from the selling of T-shirts to foray into Lifestyle, Fashion and Divine stuff has been a spectacular journey of the brand ‘Stufflane’.  May it be home décor, artworks, paintings, fashion wearables, feng-shui articles, or holy articles such as idols, amulets, crystals, etcetera, Stufflane products reflect a marvelous blend of an ancient culture and modern lifestyle.

Nonetheless, each article is, carefully selected and curated as if it is intended to cater to the core emotional, spiritual and lifestyle needs of each user. That, there remains no scope for comparison of such articles based on their price or features. This appeals to Stufflane users the most and it facilitates their buying decisions.

Moreover, Stufflane policies for goods returns, exchanges or refunds are some of the best practices in the online industry. Not a single customer is refused or returned unhappy by the company, showing the company’s priority focus on quality user experience, which naturally results in boosting overall user confidence in the brand.

Therefore, Stufflane customers are special, which include, corporate bosses, high net-worth individuals, as well as people from royal and elite families. And the repeat sales for these personalised goods are also increasing swiftly, thereby opening a big market opportunity for Stufflane.

But what is making Stufflane different from other online sellers, is. Firstly, they use complete automation in generating sales, from marketing to order booking. So naturally, their dependence on marketing manpower is very low.

Secondly, they make smart use of existing global platforms, which reduce their risk of passive investments in manufacturing, stocking and logistics etc.

And, the third, most important feature is that they generate instant sales against their sales promotion. That means, they need not wait for a long time for sales realisation against their investments, whereas in a traditional industry, the marketing team has to do lots of effort to convert their prospects into orders. So naturally, instant sales are their prime mover in driving growth in the company.

Moreover, their average returns on investments are maintained consistently above the scale of 4 for the past couple of months. Or one can say that, for every 100 rupees which they spend on promotions, they are generating sales of 400 rupees. Whereas the net operating margins are one-half of gross sales, which gives enough cushions for absorbing finance costs, taxes and non-cash charges like depreciation and amortization. Naturally, the reserve accumulation ability of the company is promising and is an attraction for prospective investors.

But what is more appealing is the management’s mature approach in running this company. Usually, it is seen that when there is an opportunity, companies venture into the same without a conducive environment and adequate preparation. Funds are raised on MVP without revenue. At times such actions result in the exhaustion of resources and cash burn.

Stufflane, however, follows a fully contra approach in tapping such opportunities. They work first on top-line by using existing available resources. Then they work on optimisation of the cost of sales to its highest level to ensure enough bottom line. The scaling up is done later by ensuring sufficient safety margin and emergency exit mechanism.

Stufflane management is highly cautious about maintaining quality consumers. Their audience targeting is highly effective in generating quality sales even without counter sales and captive reselling.

Moreover, Stufflane is boosting the majority of its vendors to become resellers in its store. Thereby their goods can be sold by Stufflane directly and such vendors can be saved from marketing expenses as well as heavy commissions which they pay to other eCommerce platforms.

There is going to be a paradigm shift in the online sales industry due to this assured selling support given by Stufflane to its suppliers. Naturally, this will result in overall quality enhancement and user experience for their consumers.

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