StreamKar’s Growing Love Affair with Live Streams

New Delhi (India), May 13: To expand their online presence, content creators and influencers are increasing their visibility through video content, which is the cynosure of all eyes today. Taking into consideration the goldfish attention span of consumers, video content is the best way to retain customers by delivering compelling content and fostering a strong connection.

All you need to know about live streaming

Live streaming has emerged as the biggest trend and is a key component of every social media marketing strategy today. The long shadow of the global pandemic has also acted as a catalyst in accelerating its growth. Social media behemoths like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn immediately took to this trend and adapted an algorithm suitable to host live streams.

This enterprise allows content creators and influencers to conduct live broadcasts, while engaging with the audience in real-time, forging a personal connection. Therefore, live streaming demystifies the relationship between a brand and a consumer.

Advantages of live streaming

Live streaming has created a stir in the social media marketing industry. The fact that it involves little to no production value or editing expenses and that you require only your phone, laptop, or desktop to carry out a live stream, speaks volumes about its vast reachability.

This is the most flexible form of direct communication with your target group. You can start a live stream either from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world and generate exponential revenue.

While you give updates to customers, demonstrate your products, conduct interviews, collaborate with other influencers, promote offers, or answer audience’s queries, live streaming facilitates an instant connect between you and the audience. Since you communicate in real-time, the flow of the conversation is genuine, authentic, and raw. Therefore, live streaming has a larger appeal than pre-scripted and pre-recorded videos. As you get honest reviews and feedback from your audience, leverage this opportunity to improve your trustworthiness. Here is your chance to create audience research and crowd source ideas.

How can you earn more views?

However, do remember that you can grab eyeballs and earn more views only if you frequently and consistently live stream. If you produce content that sells, then people will tune in to your live streams. Create high quality content and engage other influencers who have a massive following. By doing so, you will engage with your target audience and also be introduced to a new crop of viewers. Figure out a time which helps you garner views and drives traffic, and stick to it.

To prevent your live stream from getting out of sight and out of mind, repurpose the same on your various social media accounts or convert it into blogs to promote it on different platforms.

StreamKar’s contribution to the live streaming market

StreamKar has taken the live-streaming industry of India by storm. It is one of the most entertaining, engaging, and interactive live-streaming mobile application with over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. Through this platform, individuals can live stream and showcase their talent. Indian influencers are glued to the many streaming channels that this app has to offer. You can even use filters to make your videos more attractive.

This live-streaming application has sheltered content creators and influencers within its ambit, especially during the pandemic. While the economy was in shambles, StreamKar created an opportunity for content creators to live stream from home and generate revenue. What’s more, the application is available in major languages, which caters to a massive audience.

StreamKar houses in-app contests, games, live streamed content, and rewards, which is easily accessible on its user-friendly interface. Do keep in mind that your broadcasts and live streams are completely secured. This is your one-stop destination to all things fun and entertaining.


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