SRV Hospitals and Lokmanya Hospital collaborate to launch a New Centre of Excellence in Robotic Orthopaedics

SRV Hospitals and Lokmanya Hospitals alliance becomes the first and foremost to have 4 Robots to provide efficient real-intelligence hand-held robotics solution for joint replacement surgeries

 Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 1: SRV hospitals group in association with Lokmanya Hospital, Pune has launched a new centre of excellence in Robotic orthopedics under the umbrella of “SRV LHPL Centre of excellence for Robotic Orthopaedics.” This niche program resonates with the vision of SRV Hospitals of not only being a thought leader in the industry, but also to bring the latest technology and infrastructure to ensure world class patient care and outcomes. During the event Dr Narendra Vaidya, Managing Director – lokmanya Group of Hospitals, Dr Abhay Vispute, Founder & Director SRV Hospital, Mr .Sameer Pawar, CEO, SRV Group Hospitals were present.

The SRV LHPL centre of excellence in Robotic Orthopaedics will be helmed by  internationally acclaimed Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr Narendra Vaidya who is globally renowned for his impeccable expertise in Robotic as well as minimal invasive orthopaedic surgeries with an unmatched success in most complex TKR, Arthroscopy’s, THR, Shoulder, Foot & Ankle, Cervical disc and Spine Surgeries. He and his have conducted over 1.5 lakh surgeries including over 25,000 joint replacements and over 7000 robotic surgeries. He also has a record of performing 104 surgeries in a day.

Development of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the most common cause of physical disability in India. Deficiencies in vitamin D in the body directly or indirectly affects the knee. Age-related degenerative arthritis involves degeneration (wear and tear) of cartilage. 70% people in 55- 65 year age group sometime required knee replacement surgery to reduce pain.

The SRV LHPL Centre of Excellence in Robotic Orthopedics will focus towards ensuring cutting-edge technology and state of the art infrastructure as a part of its core foundation. The department will be equipped with the CORI Robotics Surgical System, the most advanced and efficient, real-intelligence hand-held robotics solution for joint replacement surgeries. Robotic-assisted surgery is a game-changer for people with knee problems as alignment accuracy increases with robotic-assist technology. Alongside, it has many other benefits like minimal pain and blood loss, rapid recovery and early discharge, preservation of natural knee structure, 100% precision in the surgery to name a few.

Mr. Sameer Pawar, CEO of SRV Hospitals said “The launch of SRV LHPL Centre of Excellence in Robotic Orthopaedics is reflection of our commitment to magnify and stimulate access to highly specialized orthopedic services to the community by providing comprehensive orthopedic care under one roof.”

“This centre of excellence will host specialised clinics like Bone & Joint clinic, Spine & cervical care clinic, Foot and Ankle clinic, Shoulder clinic, Pediatric Orthopedic clinic, Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation etc. Through this alliance, we intend to amplify our focus in delivering excellent clinical outcomes and positively impact more lives by helping them get back on their feet. With this association SRV Hospitals continues to grow stronger on its brand commitment of redefining “The New Possible” in healthcare.” add Mr. Sameer Pawar.

Dr Narendra Vaidya, Managing Director – Lokmanya Group of Hospitals & Group Director – SRV LHPL Centre of excellence in orthopedic robotics said “Future of healthcare requires efficient, consistent and caring experience for every patient and family. Robotics-assisted technology is one of the most successful and sophisticated techniques in the world, and preserves natural structures, and smoothens movement of the knee. “

Taking about the advancement of Robotics Surgical System Dr Narendra Vaidya Said “Robotics-assisted technology gives the surgeon a three-dimensional view that helps to simplify the surgical process by giving accuracy to place the knee implants without affecting soft tissues, optimize alignment and balance, this improves natural frictions and life expectancy of the knee. The implants are natural and tend to support the muscles and ligaments for an extended period of time. This is a great partnership for both organizations to deliver enhanced quality care to patients through innovative tools, technologies, and techniques in a unique and focused manner.”

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