SOLANKI Group Director Mrs. Rekha Solanki Signs MoU Worth 100 Crores with Gujarat Government for Textile Weaving and Polyester Yarn Manufacturing Plant with Advanced Technologies

Gujarat (India), January 9: In a significant development for the textile industry, SOLANKI Group, led by its Director Mrs. Rekha Solanki, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth 100 crores with the Gujarat government. The MoU aims to establish a state-of-the-art textile weaving and polyester yarn manufacturing plant in Gujarat, equipped with advanced technologies. This venture is expected to boost the textile sector in the state and create numerous employment opportunities.

Unveiling the Project:

The signing of the MoU between SOLANKI Group and the Gujarat government marks a milestone in the textile industry. Under the agreement, the proposed plant will have a production capacity of 30 million metric tons, making it one of the largest textile manufacturing facilities in the region. The project aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance production efficiency and quality, thereby contributing to the growth of the textile sector.

Boosting the Textile Industry:

The textile industry plays a vital role in India’s economy, and Gujarat has emerged as a prominent hub for textile manufacturing. The collaboration between SOLANKI Group and the Gujarat government will further strengthen the state’s position in the industry. The establishment of the weaving and yarn manufacturing plant will not only increase production capabilities but also enhance the overall value chain.

Employment Opportunities:

One of the significant benefits of this project is the creation of employment opportunities. The textile industry is known for its labor-intensive nature, and the new plant is expected to generate a significant number of jobs. The employment opportunities will not only benefit the locals but also attract skilled workers from neighboring areas, thereby supporting economic growth and development.

Advanced Technologies:

The proposed plant will be equipped with advanced technologies to optimize production processes and improve the quality of textile products. Automated machinery, computerized systems, and innovative manufacturing techniques will be utilized to achieve higher productivity and meet international standards. This emphasis on advanced technologies will enhance the competitiveness of Gujarat’s textile industry in the global market.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices:

In addition to advanced technologies, sustainability will be a key focus in the plant’s operations. SOLANKI Group is committed to adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices and reducing carbon footprint. Efforts will be made to conserve water, minimize waste generation, and promote energy efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the global trend towards environmentally conscious textile production.


The MoU signed between SOLANKI Group and the Gujarat government for a textile weaving and polyester yarn manufacturing plant of 30 million metric tons capacity is a significant step towards boosting the textile industry in the state. With Mrs. Rekha Solanki at the helm, this venture promises to integrate advanced technologies, create employment opportunities, and contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices. The project is set to enhance Gujarat’s position as a leading textile manufacturing hub, ultimately benefiting the state’s economy and the overall growth of the industry.

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