Sirius Jewels launch 100% cashback offer on diamond and gold jewellery on Akshaya Tritya

Surat, May 2: Sirius Jewels has launched a 100% cashback offer on their collection of diamond and gold jewellery on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritya.

Sirius Jewels, a jewellery chain, has announced the Sirius MMB offer—a 100% cashback on the genuine diamond and BIS-hallmarked gold jewellery—to let consumers own their dream diamonds and stunning pieces of gold jewellery.

Customers will be able to select a trinket worth between Rs 15,000 and Rs 15,00,000 via the company’s website or mobile app as the first step in this new scheme. To qualify for the Sirius MMB offer, customers must provide their bank account information once their order has been placed and they have chosen to receive a money-back guarantee. For the next 60 months following the date of purchase, the consumer will be eligible for a 1.67 per cent monthly payback on the jewellery’s invoice value. This offer does not entail any interest payments on the invoiced amount by the company.

Akshay Tritya or Akha Teej falls on the third day of Amavasya, which is highly mythological importance of the day in Jain and Hindus to start a new venture. Normally people buy a precious metal like silver or gold on this auspicious day as the meaning of the Akshaya means never diminishing, and Tritiya refers to the third day of the waxing phase of the moon.

“For many individuals, diamond jewellery is a dream, and Sirius Jewels realises that desire and provides them with a lifetime of enjoyment.” Ornaments, we believe, are the most effective means of communication. It’s crucial to express your inner feelings. It aids in the restoration of memories and the repair of relationships. “Sirius Jewels wants to help customers make the best decision when it comes to selecting treasure,” a company spokeswoman stated.

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