SimpliHealth simplifies the concept of health

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April 9: Days like World Health Day come to remind us that Health is the greatest wealth. In the age of the health information tsunami, the team of SimpliHealth reached out to doctors and health experts to reinforce the importance of health and break some conventional myths or myths created by Google. With the years-long effort of digital media experts and top-rated medical professionals, SimpliHealth has emerged as a reputed free online knowledge hub that offers authentic and trustworthy health information. So read on what widely acknowledged doctors of Tricity said about health and healthy life –

Dr. Raman Abrol, MR (PGI) DNB, MNAMS, FFMF (SWISS), Consultant Endoscopic  ENT surgeon at Abrol ENT Institute & Research Centre shared, “On world health day, I wish everyone good health,  good consciousness about their health, and great energy to acquire & sustain good health.”

Dr. Rishi Mangat, MBBS, Diabetologist and Managing Director at Apollo Clinic, Chandigarh, says, “Diabetes is the silent pandemic. The easiest way to control it is watching what you eat and exercising to burn whatever you eat.”

Dr. Sandhya Dhankhar, MBBS, DMRD, DNB (Radiology), is the senior consultant Radiologist at Faith Diagnostic Centre. Her message is, “Our focus in Faith diagnostic and fetal center is mainly on woman Heath and Fetal health. Hence we provide you with all diagnostic facilities for both under one roof. Your health is our priority, so on this world health day; we wish you a happy and healthy life.

Dr. Heena Chawla, MBBS, MD, is an Obstetrics & Gynecology, Laparoscopic, and Cancer surgeon at Apollo Clinic, Chandigarh. While addressing the issue of neglecting health, she says, “Families and societies are only as strong as the health of their women. So put yourself higher on your to-do list. You deserve the same care and attention that you give to others.”

Dr. MS Narula, MBBS, MS (ortho) is the Senior Consultant Orthopedics, Spine & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Apollo Clinic, Chandigarh. Wishing everyone good health, he says, “Feed that mind and body with the right ingredients and Look after that body, after all, it’s the only place you have to live in!”

“Health is wealth. Healthy women, healthy families, happy society” was the message from SimpliHealth expert Dr. Preeti Jindal, Director of The Touch Clinic. She is a Senior Consultant Gynecologist, IVF Recurrent Miscarriage, High-Risk Pregnancy, and Cosmetic Regenerative Gynecologist Specialist.

Following the advice of these experts, begin today, your journey towards a healthier future. You can check more informative videos on myriad topics ranging from how to address the problem of obesity to (name a video which has maximum views) on SimpliHealth channel. You can even connect with these doctors and ask questions on (name trending health topics). Correct health information is the best way to stay health. And let’s remeber, Swasth rahega India, tabhi toh age badega India.

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