‘Shubh-Shagun’ to air at a new time slot- 7:30 PM Monday to Saturday on Dangal TV

*Watch the twists and turns of clashing personalities, conflicting interests and aspirations

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 26: Starting today, the daily series ‘Shubh Shagun’ will now be airing at a new time slot- Monday to Saturday at 7:30 PM on Dangal TV. The show encapsulates the sibling love of the protagonists and the extremes to which one can go to protect their interests.

The show is at an intriguing and exciting phase, portraying how the protagonists- Shubh and Shagun, are leaving no stones unturned in their quest to ensure the well-being of their siblings.

‘Shubh has boundless love for his sister Navya, and he can go to great lengths to ensure her happiness because she is the only family he has for him. Spoilt by the immense love of her brother, Navya believes that anything is achievable in the world. Knowing that Shubh would accede to her demands and will do all in his capacity to get her married to Yug, she exploits his vulnerability. Shubh becomes determined to get her married to Yug, Shagun’s brother. Nevertheless, Shagun doesn’t want that as she feels that this would be an unusual relationship where Yug may be treated as a commodity.  She strives to get him married to someone else. Driven by his earnest love for his sister, Shubh makes it difficult for Shagun to protect her brother. The upcoming episodes will feature twists and turn wherein both the protagonists try their best to achieve their goal

Get ready to witness the clash of personalities, interests and aspirations.

Character Sketch:

Shubh Jaiswal (played by Shehzada Dhami):

Shubh was 14 years old when his parents died in a car accident. Shubh was sent to a hostel, and his younger sister Navya who was just six years old was sent to another hostel. As soon as Shubh turned eighteen, he left the hostel and returned home with his sister. He joined the company and took the position of director of the company in place of his father. Everyone questioned his ability, but Shubh proved himself worthy of that post. He has become a cold and tough man now. He only loves his sister Navya & does not allow anyone to come close to him, especially his other family members. He hates his uncles because they are mean and greedy for money for him. In business, he believes that sometimes too much honesty also harms. He speaks very little by reasoning and understanding. He is a big name in the business world now.

Shagun Shinde (played by Krishna Mukherjee):

Shagun is a 25years old girl who could not study much because of the financial issues in her life. She lost her parents in an accident. Yug is her brother, and she loves him dearly. She wants to keep him happy in every possible way and cares for him like a mother. She has other family members too in her life, and they all love her a lot. She lives with her extended family members in a Mumbai Chawl house. They all are happy going family who supports each other in every situation.

Navya Jaiswal (played by Kajol Srivastava):

Navya is a 21 years old college going, girl. She is brought up by her brother, who pampers her a lot. She is a spoiled brat who flaunts her money wherever she goes. While she does not value anyone, she loves and respects her brother. She hates her other family members like Shubh.

Yug Shinde (played by Mouhit Joshi):

Yug is a 24 years old mechanical engineering graduate. He lives with his extended family members. He loves his sister a lot and can do anything to keep her happy. Giving interviews for a job, he takes care of his cousins.

Catch ‘Shubh Shagun’ only on Dangal TV at 7.30 PM, Monday to Saturday.

Here’s the link for the latest promo of the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTGXE2inaCw

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