Sanskritii Sethi – A Powerful Healer and Akashic Record Reader, Numerologist, Automatic Writing & Mediumship Coach

Ms. Sanskritii Sethi – A Powerful Healer and Akashic Record Reader

In the words of ancient Greek Philosopher and Mathematician Pythagoras, “God built the universe on numbers. An advocate of this profound saying, Sanskritii Sethi has built a successful career as Akashic Record Reader & Numerologist.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 18: Passionate about ancient wisdom, and science beyond the numbers, Master Sanskritii Sethi is an intuitive and spiritual leader for all of humanity. Her guidance has the potential to alter our existence on Earth and beyond. When Master Sanskritii Sethi was asked how she knew she could do Akashic Readings, she replied, “She is a star seed.”

Through her intuitive knowledge and profound study, Master Sanskritii Sethi has attained immense capability in making on-point predictions and helping people in taking pragmatic decisions. She has successfully guided people to get on the path of righteousness. Master Sanskritii Sethi’s consultations have brought significant difference and today, she is known as a Master healer for her clients.

The Karmic Power of Unveiling

Master Sanskritii Sethi works through karmic patterns and life susceptibilities, unveil personal and hereditary patterns, and underlines connections, compatibilities, and challenges with others beyond the single digits.

She can develop a deeper understanding of single-digit vibrations through their double-digit origins and help people by revealing their inner selves and the purpose of a person’s life, offering a numerology forecast. Today, she is popularly known as a pre-eminent figure in Numerology, especially in automatic writing, mediumship, and the Akashic Records.

“As a psychic medium, I have access to a realm filled with ascended masters and guides. My grandmother’s death in 2011 marked the beginning of my spiritual journey,” added Master Sanskritii Sethi.

Channelling with Spirits

For a long time, she did family readings by channelling through the spirit of her GrandMa(dadi). The Masters and Spirit Guides have provided her with the opportunity to expand her knowledge and bring concrete insight to benefit all of creation.

There is no separation between the scientific method and religious belief. Master Sanskritii Sethi added “The correct viewpoint is essential. Whatever emotional ground you’ve lost it on—in a relationship, financially, professionally, or otherwise—I am here to help you regain it.”

She teaches you how to manifest your future by identifying the areas of your energy, emotions, and thoughts that require repair. Being a firm believer in the power of travel to transform one’s perspective, she inspires one to make the changes necessary to live the life one has always imagined living.

Automatic Writing & Mediumship Workshop-Soul’s Transforming Course

Master Sanskritii Sethi teaches people how to recognise and understand their emotions, acknowledge, accept and release them from their life. In her Soul’s transforming course, she has instructed thousands of individuals and helped them make informed life decisions while following the direction of the master. In the same vein, she has successfully encouraged and informed people on how to live an empowered life. “We closely assist people in comprehending and overcoming hidden grief,” added Master Sanskritii Sethi.

She chuckled while telling us, her advice has the potential to alter our existence on Earth and beyond. Mesmerised by her presence, it was an absolute experience to feel the universe’s energies while talking. It’s time to heal people to make them love more, remove their bitterness, and energize them to win the world.

Master Sanskritii Sethi’s inclination towards numerology increased when she discovered intuition as her work. Leveraging her power towards Soul Revolution, Master Sanskritii Sethi has worked work with the lights of Masters & spirit guides and educated people to deal with and recognise their emotions and learn the process of absorbing and releasing.

“Manifestation is the magic to make your dreams come true. It’s not a miracle but the power of your mind to make everything happen in your favour.” Master Sanskritii Sethi quoted in an interview.

To know more about Sanskritii Sethi, follow here.

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