Sagar Bisht- one of India’s youngest and trendiest Digital entrepreneur

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Sagar Bisht likes to don many hats. This boy, who hails from the hills, is India’s youngest fashion and lifestyle icon.  He has an independent blogger who at a very young age went on to work with well-established brands and has also been a part of various prominent business shoots.

Sagar Bisht is known for his flawless fashion sense. He started off quite early because he knew right from the beginning that this is what he has always wanted to do. The young generation of India is restless and always yearning for more, and Sagar is no exception. Sagar understood the importance and reach of social media at a fairly young age, and worked on it to make a brand out of himself. As a result of this he is counted as one of the most influential fashion bloggers and Instagrammers of our times.

As an independent blogger, Sagar has worked with reputed brands in different capacities. His work has not only taken him to the nook and corners of India but also across the globe. Thanks to his dedicated posting and engaging content, he has attracted a considerable number of followers on social media. Sagar has an impeccable style and likes to share easy to follow fashion tips on his Instagram page. In fact, his blogging website is supposed to be one of the ‘quickest developing web journals’. People who are interested in fashion and lifestyle content come to his website for a visual treat regularly.

Sagar is also an avid traveller. He loves capturing the cities and countries he travels to on his lens. With wanderlust on his mind, Besides showing off his flawless style on Instagram, he also puts captivating travel pictures. Traveling gives him the perfect opportunity to showcase his skills on the other side of the camera to the world. His captivating travel stories coupled with beautiful pictures keep his followers hooked on to his social media.

Sagar Bisht is also an entrepreneur, and he, along with Saddiqui Subhani, produced a music track ‘Tumse Mila’ for Zee Music. This is a new avenue that he is still exploring. He is quite excited about foraying into the music industry. He wants to promote good content, and this, he feels, is just the beginning.

Sagar, besides being a well-known name in the fashion and film circuit, is also a Digital PR expert, and has worked with some of the significant brands in the country. As a PR expert, he gives them important insights to push their brand forward. With his keen knowledge and observation he has helped many brands with the impetus required to push on.

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