Romeo Lane Invites Visitors to Unwind After the Stressful COVID Spellv

The Goan restaurant is known for its signature sundowner experience, food, and celebrity guests

April 9: Romeo Lane, a noted restaurant located at Ozran Beach in Small Vagator, Goa, calls visitors from around the world to spend some time overlooking the beach and unwind after the stressful COVID spell. Known across Goa for its exclusive sundowner experience, Romeo Lane aims at helping Indian and international visitors build memories worth cherishing by the exotic Goan beach.

Over the last two years, the world has been through a lot while dealing with a global pandemic. The COVID crisis brought the lives of millions to a standstill with a wave of uncertainty looming all over. This affected the personal and professional lives of individuals as everyone lost someone close to them to the pandemic. People also witnessed their mental health going for a toss as workloads increased and freedom of movement was restricted.

Now that the world has successfully averted the danger and people are slowly recovering from the COVID-induced stress, Romeo Lane provides them with a wholesome getaway. With a range of house cocktails, carefully curated food, live music, and DJ nights, sundowner spot does all that it takes to relieve the visitors of all their worries. As the visitors climb down 152 steps to reach the venue, the restaurant-cum-club welcomes them into a new world.

Music plays a key role in building the ambience of Romeo Lane. The DJs and live performers cater to visitors having a myriad of different music tastes. Founded by Gaurav Luthra, Saurabh Luthra, and Neeraj Sharma, Romeo Lane dedicates every Wednesday to hip-hop lovers by hosting hip-hop nights. On Saturdays, it holds Bollywood nights with music curated by Aaron Mendonca.

Romeo Lane is also a known celebrity spot in Goa with some of the biggest names in the industry visiting the place as customers as well as performers. While the restaurant has hosted celebrities like Kartik Aaryan and Milind Gaba as guests, its visitors have been entertained with live performances by artists like B Praak and Sumit Sethi in the past.

With the onset of a hot summer in the country, Romeo Lane is expecting to host a plethora of guests willing to beat the heat at the sundowner hub in Goa.

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