Riya Sinha and Shraddha Varma’s Brainchild Fuzia is a Voice for New Age Feminism, Gender Equality, and Empowerment

Kotputli (Rajasthan) [India], May 05: Every story needs to be heard. It needs to reach out to every single person who can possibly connect to it and learn from it. But to our dismay, many voices are left unheard. The reason behind these unheard voices is patriarchy, shining up and bright even in the world of today where nearly every country talks about equality.

However, some people put all of this behind and make sure that these voices reach millions and billions around the world. When we talk about such voices, a lot of them seem to be coming from Fuzia, the brainchild of Riya Sinha and whose co-founder and Director is Shraddha Varma. They both have an age difference of 12 years, and yet their mind seems to align together without many differences. All they want is to bring forward the experiences of women who have been discriminated against. They have made sure that their goal is to promote women’s empowerment and to end any discrimination or harmful practices against women.

“To give a voice is to take a step and to take a step is to make a stand”, and for every stand that gets taken, one less voice of the discriminator can be heard from around. Fuzia (www.fuzia.com) is one such platform that has created a community that is not dependent upon the give and take. From young photographers to opinionated writers to creative artists, everyone has a space in Fuzia.

Besides having the users showcase their various talents on the website, Fuzia believes in nurturing their talents through live sessions, campaigns, online learning, webinars, workshops, experiential learning, contests, and so on. These initiatives help women develop their skills and grow enormously. This talent is then showcased and amplified in every possible way through their website and various social media platforms. They also aspire to be of their audiences’ economic benefit.

They plan and organise various interviews with empowered women, who tell their inspiring stories on Fuzia TV and help other women come out of their shells. They also collaborate with their in-house talents and experts/ social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and inspirational women and organise interactive live sessions so that the audience can get their doubts sorted and get the right training to start their ventures. Additionally, Fuzia provides an opportunity for developing skills by providing English courses through informative video content.

Fuzia as a platform has become a lifeline for many around. Even during the pandemic, they are making sure that all the concerns are heard and taken care of. They are providing support and are empowering women to use coping mechanisms and deal with almost every kind of mental health situation. “I wonder if a platform like Fuzia can bring forward such amazing ideas and can provide freedom to be oneself, what could this world provide if it becomes a stage for every expression to be let out?” said Riya Sinha at a recent interaction when asked about what she thinks of Fuzia.

It took 5 years for the initially established writing club to become a huge global online platform of millions of people in the network, seamlessly managed by Shraddha Varma. Due to her leadership skills, Fuzia has expanded across geographical boundaries and age groups to bring together creative talents under a common umbrella to connect, collaborate, inspire and grow. Today,  it is a community of 2 lakh+ active contributors and a network of 5million + supporters across the website and social media globally. Their Instagram page @fuziaworld is pretty quirky and empowering. Even their Facebook page @fuziaworld has grown into a huge community.

Fuzia also brings forward some of the major concerns that need to be handled, including suicide, discrimination, demotivation, and alike. Unmarried, divorced, married, gays, bisexuals, lesbians, single mothers, each one of them is welcome here to bring forward their story and gain their lost confidence, respect, and dignity. It has become one rapidly growing platform on Facebook, and women from India, Pakistan, United States, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and many other places have been joining this community.

Shraddha says, “A fusion of ideas and cultures, Fuzia seems to be handling it all. With the philosophy of providing a voice and for being a supporter, our community has solutions and support for every woman”. For her, this community is something substantial, and this something is becoming larger with every voice that reaches out. This platform thrives to combine their audiences’ consciousness with their talent.

The duo wishes to look forward step by step towards attaining pillars of creative empowerment, community growth, individual strength, and artistic magnification. They aspire to build a space for women where they can be free to express themselves with true liberty.  Henceforth, The Fuzia Website and the Fuzia App is indeed a promising game-changer in the field of social media bringing about a global impact.


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