Renowned Digital Creator and Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor

Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor

Shares her views on life without Social Media

New Delhi, 24th May 2022: Renowned Digital Creator and Lifestyle Influencer Mansi Kapoor recently shared her views on the importance of social media in today’s time.

After changing her social media handles from mishi_mia_mommy to mishi_mia_mansi, Mansi has gotten a lot of traction from the brands and it helped in expanding her brand portfolio. Her dynamic personality has helped her and a lot of new brands in fashion, skincare and travel domains have come into her kitty.

With Social media, we can all now easily connect to anyone around the world with just a click.

Lately, Social media has gained a lot of popularity as a business tool in recent years, especially during the Covid times. With more and more users joining social media every second and using it regularly. Social media is bound to become bigger and more important in the upcoming years. The industry is going to boom like never before and this new set of bloggers and influencers has arrived in the market which is also a low-cost promotional tool used by corporations and companies.

It helps business firms to rockpile their relationship with the customer. By interconnecting with them through social media, businesses get to know what their customers like and what they are looking for – as well as what the consumers don’t like and what they don’t want. Social media gives you a trench through which you can create awareness of their products and services by offering them eye-catching deals.

Social media has impacted not only our lives but our businesses too. It has opened endless doors to lots of opportunities for the business world. Social media provides us with a platform where we can interact and attract a large amount of the public. Now the businesses are no longer dependent on specific customers as the businesses can now reach out worldwide and that too within minutes.

Just by giving a little spice to social media can do wonders for the business. 81% of the consumers are likely to talk or recommend the brand if they have a positive experience with the brand on social media. So Mansi focuses on this belief that if you don’t get much engagement, likes and traction, please don’t lose hope.

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