Ready to Fall in Love All Over Again? Kabir Roy Choudhury’s Book A Mindful Mind Will Help You Do So

Author Kabir Roy Choudhury along with the eminent guests at the Book Launch of A Mindful Mind

December 21: Can you fall in love again when all you know is hate?

Kabir Roy Choudhury’s debut book A Mindful Mind is a page-turning intriguing experience about the nuances of how our mind is influenced by situations and people who make us feel worthless, and how we can overcome hate to fall in love again through a gripping, urban, contemporary woman story.

“This book is inspired by the journeys of many strong women I have come across in my career. How they overcame their situations and made their dreams come true is a true testament of their grit, resolution, and persistence,” says author Kabir Roy Choudhury about his debut book.

In his career journey of over 20 years, from a hotelier to a corporate professional, to an astrologer to an author, Kabir Roy Choudhury has lived by the philosophy of YOLO – You Only Live Once, constantly learning new things and implementing them for the greater good.

He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies in senior management roles, specializing in business transformation and analytics.

He was born and raised in Kanpur, in India, from where he moved to Kolkata to complete his studies in Hotel Management and Global Business Management from IHM and IIM Kolkata, respectively.

When he is not working, he practices astrology to help people and share his knowledge about the ways of life. He admits to being a movie fanatic who feeds his addiction by watching them in multiple languages.

A hotelier at heart, he continues to kindle the chef in him by occasionally cooking at home, for family and friends. He has been naturally inclined to paint, read, and sing since childhood. He spends the entire day in these activities whenever he gets the chance and time. He makes his family in India with his wife, son, and self-curated library.

A Mindful Mind is a fiction book that focuses on a girl’s dream.

This is how the story unfolds –

In Delhi, a brave, small-town girl’s dreams are shattered when her career ends, even before starting.

In Jaipur, she is made to feel worthless by the only person she cares about.

In Bangalore, she goes through abysmal situations which make her bitter, dejected, fearful, and her insecurity compels her to shut down her passionate enterprise.

She is confused, fearful, belittled, homesick, and she cannot share her pain with anyone at home. As a result, she forgets herself and her dreams.

Can she overcome her inhibitions and insecurity to achieve what she had always wanted? Can she resolve herself and her life before it’s too late?

An action-packed entertainer reveals how our mind is influenced by situations and people who make us feel worthless and how we can overcome hate to fall in love again.

Kabir Roy Choudhury believes, “When you know who you are, you can identify what actually interests you.”

He recently launched his book A Mindful Mind at Nowhere Brew Café, Cross Point Mall in Gurugram. The book launch was graced by renowned book enthusiasts of Delhi NCR, lifestyle and food influencers, and local media Suburb Magazine Founder.

The book has received many positive reviews about the story and the author’s writing style. One can read the book from Amazon –

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