Rakhi Festival: A Celebration of Sibling Bond and Protection By Isha Thakkar – Astro Numerologist

Surat (Gujarat) [India], August 26: The auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan, celebrated across India, holds deep cultural and emotional significance. It centers on the loving bond between a brother and a sister, reflecting the essence of protection and care. As the festival approaches, families prepare for the special day following traditional customs and rituals.

Auspicious Time to Tie Rakhi:

In accordance with the Hindu tradition, Rakhi Purnima, commencing on August 30th, 2023, at 10:58 AM and concluding on August 31st, 2023, at 07:05 AM, marks a significant observance. While the Bhadra period, from 10:58 AM to 9:01 PM on August 30th, is considered inauspicious for initiating new endeavors, the optimal time for tying Rakhi falls within the window of August 30th night to 09:02 PM, up until 7:05 AM on August 31st. Given the belief that auspicious actions are discouraged during nighttime, the most favorable time for the Rakhi ceremony aligns with the morning of August 31st at 7:05 AM. This ritual not only upholds the cherished bond between siblings but also adheres to the cultural practices that guide auspicious activities.

Understanding Bhadra:

In Hindu astrology, Bhadra refers to an inauspicious period believed to be unfavorable for initiating new ventures. It is said that Bhadra’s influence can bring about negative outcomes. According to mythological accounts, even Ravana’s downfall can be attributed to Bhadra’s influence when he tied a Rakhi during this inauspicious time. As such, avoiding auspicious activities during Bhadra is recommended.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan:

Bandhan, often translated as “the bond of protection,” showcases the deep and unconditional love shared between siblings. This festival transcends quarrels and misunderstandings, reminding brothers and sisters of their unbreakable connection. The sacred thread, or Rakhi, symbolizes the sister’s prayers for her brother’s prosperity and safety. In return, the brother pledges to protect and support his sister throughout her life.

The festival also extends beyond blood relations, with cousins and friends partaking in the rituals. It’s a day when distance is bridged, and hearts are united. Some girls even tie Rakhis to idols of deities like Lord Krishna, seeking his divine protection.

Rituals of Rakhi Purnima 2023:

The rituals surrounding Raksha Bandhan are steeped in tradition and symbolism, each step holding deep meaning:

  1. Orientation: The brother sits facing the North-East direction, signifying auspiciousness and positive energy.
  2. Tilak and Akshat: The sister applies a tilak of roli on the brother’s forehead and offers akshat (raw rice mixed with turmeric) as a symbol of prosperity.
  3. Aarti and Diya: Aarti is performed, and a diya (oil lamp) is lit, signifying the dispelling of darkness and the triumph of good over evil.
  4. Tying the Rakhi: The sister ties the Rakhi on her brother’s left wrist, representing the heart’s connection. Sweets and gifts are exchanged.
  5. Coconut Symbolism: The brother holds a coconut in his right hand, symbolizing his pledge to protect his sister. The coconut’s round shape signifies eternity.

Mythological Legends:

Several myths and legends contribute to the festival’s narrative:

  • Krishna and Draupadi: Krishna’s act of protecting Draupadi’s honor by extending her sari symbolizes the brotherly bond. He declared her as his sister and promised eternal protection.
  • Indrani and Indra: Indrani’s rakhi to her husband Indra played a role in his victory against demons, showcasing the protective aspect of the festival.
  • Yamuna and Yama: Yamuna tied a Rakhi to her brother Yama, who granted a boon that those with Rakhi tied on their wrists would be protected and attain immortality.

Historical Significance: 

Beyond myths, history also attests to Rakhi’s influence. Queen Karnavati’s Rakhi to Emperor Humayun highlights the festival’s essence of seeking protection. Humayun responded by sending troops to safeguard her kingdom.

In Conclusion: 

Raksha Bandhan is a tapestry woven with love, respect, and protection. It signifies the essence of family, unity, and the unwavering bond between siblings. The festival bridges gaps, rekindles relationships, and brings joy and prosperity to households. Its customs and stories remind us that this world is richer when we stand together, safeguarding one another from life’s challenges. This Raksha Bandhan, as you tie the sacred thread, remember that it’s not just a simple ritual; it’s a celebration of the most precious and cherished relationships life has to offer.


R-Re-affirming love and affection 

A-A prayer for long life & success 

K-Keeping memories alive 

H-Happiness and laughter 

I-Innumerable shared stories

        May the bond of love between us always remain strong. 

Wishing you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Gujarat’s number 1 Astro-Numerologist: 

Isha Thakkar 

Contact No: 9737765591

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