Prompt Equipments’ receives Patent for Calibration Liquid for Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], February 25: Ahmedabad-based Prompt Equipments Pvt. Ltd., a leading equipment and software solutions provider across the dairy supply chain, has launched a unique system for checking the calibration status of Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers without using actual milk samples.

The Milk Analyzers which are installed at various milk collection centres need to be checked for calibration to ensure the right milk quality assessment for farmers. The present practice is to take the machine to a central location for calibration which causes inconvenience, disrupts functioning for a few days and leads to additional costs. Also, calibration is done manually, which can lead to various malpractices.

Prompt’s advanced Milk O check –is a combination of patented, specialized liquid that mimics the properties of raw milk, along with a secured mobile application. The complete solution allows real-time, on-premise assessment of calibration status of any brand of Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer. Through Milk O check, dairies from a central location can check the calibration status of Milk Analyzers installed at various village locations.

Prompt Equipments was granted the patent for the “Composition of calibration liquid for Milk Analyzer and process for preparation” by the Patent Office on February 07, 2022.

“Milk O check is India’s first digital, tamper-proof, single-use solution to check the calibration of Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer. It enables on-site calibration of Milk Analyzer, ensures right payment to farmers, enables transparency and trust between farmers and Milk Collection Centers and saves costs for Dairy. It helps in eliminating the practical problems in using raw milk samples for calibration” said Shridhar Mehta, Director, Prompt Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Milk O check removes the bottleneck of managing milk samples of various ranges of Fat / Solid-Not-Fat (SNF) since the liquid is composed of large range of FAT (2.2-9%) and SNF (7-10.5%) with different combinations. Unlike raw milk samples, which have a shelf life of just a few hours, the patented liquid has a shelf life of 30 days, making it ideal for village conditions.

Prompt’s innovative system comes with a mobile app that extracts the test results through image processing and indicates the result of the status of calibration instantly. The calibration data syncs with the cloud, allowing real-time access to authorized persons. The entire solution being digital, completely eliminates any chances of human error.


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