Pro-partner, a revolution in retail property investment by Rashmi Group

January 18: Joining of second generation in family business is always a value addition.

Rashmi Group has always been passionate about its property development business, and this fact is reflected in its track record of 14000 happy customers.

Mr. Siddharth, the young and dynamic second-generation member, joined the legacy of “Ghar Ho To Aisa” with fresh and new ideas; and decided to implement Donald Bren strategy i.e. to retain a certain number of properties and earn a passive rental income.

To begin with, Mr. Siddharth is acquiring properties in projects being developed by Rashmi Group companies themselves.  In the process, to create a larger capital footprint, he chose to take retail investors on board by making them Pro-partner.

Usually, property investment is made under one of the three stages of a given project (i) Pre-launch (ii) Work in progress (iii) Ready to move.

An experienced investor usually enters in Stage-I based on the developers past track record and goodwill in the market; where he grabs the least possible price, which in turn helps to yield an optimum ROI.

Who is a Pro-partner?

An investor who identifies and grabs the retail investment opportunity in a real estate project before its formal launch, i.e. while acquiring different permissions and sanctions.  Usually, such decisions are taken based on the developers past track record and goodwill in the market.  Typically, a pro-partner gets the minimum possible price and best appreciation in a short span of period. Pro-partner refers to this stage of the investment.

To begin with; 220 of total 550 residential units are reserved for Pro-partners in Horizon Complex-I @ the most vibrant location of “New Vasai”, Mumbai.

Common hurdles of Property Investment:

Bigger Ticket Size: Historically, capital for Property Investment was considered in crores because of its higher values. With Pro-partner it is possible to start investing with as small amount as Rs.10 lacs even.

Unplanned Exit Plan: To determine and take exit on “Right Time” is very crucial for an optimum return in any sort of investment. With Pro-partner a scheduled 18 months’ exit is provided to the investor.

Low ROI Myth: Usually its considered that ROI in property is 3 to 6%. Whereas in reality the returns are far higher i.e. almost 14 to 17% p.a.

Pro-partner Significant Features:

— Passive Income: A pro-partner receives a fixed monthly rental income until the project’s formal launch on or before 18th month.

— Inflation Hedge: Through Pro-partner, investor receives returns of 15% p.a. which acts as a hedge against inflation.

— Lock-in: A shorter lock-in tenure gives higher liquidity to the investor with Pro-partner.

— Profit Share: Apart from a minimum fixed rental benefit, the Pro-partner is also eligible for 50:50 profit sharing, a onetime lump sum appreciation at the time of formal launch of the project.

— Target ROI: With Pro-partner target ROI is between 14 to 16% p.a.

— Option-to-Purchase: It is the icing on the cake; as it allows a Pro-partner to opt to obtain the possession to himself/nominee.

— Transparency: Transparent investment process, detailed reporting and complete costing disclosures are made available.

— Liquidity: A pro-partner is allowed to transfer his right to his nominee.

 Pro-partner Simplified Mechanism:

Choose from one of the Option

Invest 50% of unit cost

Receive fixed rent for 18 months

Take exit along with 50:50 profit share on formal launch of the project.

Option is also available to purchase the same unit.

Pro-partner Investment Options:

Invest Rs.10.75 Lacs get Rent Rs.4,480/- monthly

Invest Rs.15.00 Lacs get Rent Rs.6,250/- monthly

Invest Rs.17.50 Lacs get Rent Rs.7,300/- monthly

Invest Rs.24.25 Lacs get Rent Rs.10,100/- monthly

Excited?  So what are you waiting for?  Considering your financial targets select one of the investment opportunities from above. Call 7066114441 now and start your journey to profits with Pro-partner.

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