OneEarth Foundation’s Triumph over Plastic Pollution in Goa

Goa (India), March 1: The Drive against Plastic Pollution campaign, organized by OneEarth Foundation, a leading non-profit organization committed to environmental sustainability, is proud to announce the successful culmination of its recent efforts to address the critical challenge of plastic pollution in Goa.

Commenced on February 1, 2024, the campaign undertook a series of strategic initiatives aimed at raising awareness, engaging communities, and implementing practical solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of plastic waste on our ecosystems.

The campaign began with impactful awareness sessions conducted in schools, reaching approximately 900 students and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship among the younger generation. On February 15, kayaking and cleanup drives were organized along the coastal regions of North Goa, spanning 100 kilometers from Keri Beach to Colva. Participants meticulously collected 500 kg of waste, identified sources of pollution, and documented findings to raise awareness about the severity of marine plastic pollution.

Reflecting on the campaign’s achievements, Ferdin Sylvester, Co-Founder & Director of OneEarth Foundation, said “True transformation emerges from the synergy of collective action. It is imperative that citizens, governments, and businesses unite with a singular purpose to construct a comprehensive and sustainable framework. Our planet is our shared responsibility, and together, we must preserve its integrity for generations to come.”

In addition to cleanup efforts, the campaign engaged with local fishing communities to raise awareness about ghost nets, a critical issue in Goa’s coastal waters. Collaborative efforts were made to repurpose discarded fishing nets into sustainable products, promoting circularity in plastic use and advancing towards sustainable waste management practices.

Throughout the campaign, 30 workshops, clean-up drives, and awareness sessions were conducted to educate communities and stakeholders about the importance of mitigating plastic pollution and adopting sustainable practices.

Looking ahead, the campaign remains committed to its mission of driving positive change and creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all. Efforts will continue to focus on developing an exhaustive waste database to identify probable sources of pollution and collaborate with stakeholders to implement effective solutions.

About OneEarth Foundation: OneEarth Foundation is a leading non-profit organization with a profound commitment to circularity, climate action, and coastal ecosystem preservation. Their vision is to implement a sustainable circular system through innovation, community building, and local & global cooperation.

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