Noida’s VNO-licensed CallerDesk helps achieve extraordinary Business Communication with Cloud Call Center Solutions

New Delhi (India), February 17: Noida-based CallerDesk which is India’s regulatory licensed Virtual Network Operator (VNO) holder, is transforming businesses by providing virtual call center solutions all over India. CallerDesk, which means a virtual help desk for callers is a platform that provides complete call center solutions but over the cloud. In just 30 Minutes, businesses can run cloud call centers in operational mode along with remote workforce compatibility. For this, a customer support executive just requires a laptop, mobile phone, or softphone integration to start handling incoming & outgoing business calls. 

“It’s best for companies that have a major business dependency to connect with customers via phone calls in terms of heavy customer support call volume”, says Kaushal Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO, of CallerDesk. CallerDesk model hugely benefited from the Covid-19-induced work-from-home situation. The company’s support team can handle thousands of calls while working from home including multiple options like tracking business calls or team productive hours, live break time analysis, via facilitating smooth routing of calls to the responsible support team member including all advanced must-have features for call centers like softphone integration. “With the help of our platform, a company support executive can work routinely at home like previously they used to work at the office”, says Rajesh Dimania, Co-Founder & CTO of CallerDesk. 

Right now, India is the second-largest BPO Industry in the world which is directly helping employment generation but physical on-premises call center companies are paying high costs for capital infrastructure and still overall setup is not very flexible and needs high maintenance. Even during the lockdown, most of the on-premises call center setups faced unexpected issues globally as the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to turn to remote working. However, now the greater challenge is to enable the customer support team to be available for the customers even while working from home.

That’s why the CallerDesk cloud call center solution was devised as one of the key communication technologies for this “New Normal” scenario. It helps businesses avoid the restrictions and hurdles of on-premises infrastructure and makes the company’s customer support employees capable of working from home which is very needed during and even after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indian government has also supported the remote workforce environment through the liberalization policy for the BPO/IT-enabled industry. This has been implemented by removing the OSP license requirement along with many other benefits that were previously holding the cloud call center industry. CallerDesk customer call interaction volume increased by 800% along with 5X sales & revenue growth as compared to the last two years.

As an IIM Lucknow-EIC seed-funded startup company, CallerDesk currently has a 1,000+ active client base, including 30+ channel partners all over India. Some of them include HCL Avitas, Gomechanic, Medanta, Park+ and many more. Presently 25,000+ Customer support executives from all existing clients are using the platform and handling customer support calls on a regular basis. The company has also been awarded as an Emerging company in the IT category by the Indian Achiever Forum.  

CallerDesk is also an official resource partner with the Startup India Portal, Nasscom 10,000 Startup Kit, Multiple incubation centers, and co-working spaces like 91Springboard to provide free premium accounts for a limited time to all of their enrolled startup companies, considering it as an effort to contribute towards the startup ecosystem. 

As per one Global Market Survey by a research firm, the Growth of the global call center market size projection reached 496$ Billion and the market for call-center AI technology is expected to increase from $800 million in 2019 to $2.8 billion by 2024 as AI-enabled conversational chat-bots are now trying to replace human agents with virtual agents.

CallerDesk’s goal is to become the Primary outlet for Business phone call optimization & analytics for businesses, marketers, and agencies. To achieve this, they are going to launch a mobile application specifically for solopreneurs or those with small team sizes to manage all incoming and outgoing calls through a single mobile app. The app will also include integrations with an AI Voice bot, WhatsApp, SMS, and detailed business intelligence reporting.

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