NG-NeXT Announces Two Menstrual Leaves per Month For Femme-Empowerment In The Workplace

New Delhi (India), March 15: Setting the tone right for gender-inclusiveness and women empowerment in the workplace, NG-NeXT announced the option to avail of two paid menstrual leaves every month for the fairer and stronger gender. The entrepreneurial world welcomed the move and has set the ball rolling for the implementation of further diversification measures.

“One’s gender should never be a limiting factor when it comes to flexing one’s innate and acquired professional skillsets.” Mr. Nishant Gauraw and his life-cum-business partner Mrs. Anuranjana Verma took this mantra to heart. They decided to build an entrepreneurial venture that would not just create effective solutions for their prized customers but also build an exemplary work culture for their team that works behind the scenes to make a real difference.

NG-NeXT, a bootstrapped firm, took shape in 2020, initially as a family business built by two brothers, Mr. Nishant Gauraw and Mr. Parijat Verma, and the former’s wife, Mrs. Anuranjana Verma, on four value pillars ~ passion for excellence, integrity, innovation, and an underlying respect for all. They started out as an IT services firm catering to European clients’ tech needs and then quite recently shifted gears to become a product-based venture (ngnexttest,

To stay true to their values and fundamentals, they started by erasing red-tapism and unnecessary ado by implementing a workplace sans HR! Yes, you read that right. With a firm belief in their team members’ capabilities and sense of responsibility, they have successfully engineered a sense of belongingness and entrepreneurial mindset in each one of the twenty-odd team members. With a hybrid work culture, there is a zero-pay deduction policy in place for their employees if they choose to take leaves. How is that for the ideal work-life balance? Sounds too good to be true? Well, not really; they just know the value of hiring, attracting, and retaining the right talent.

Making the workplace a safe and inclusive space for members of all genders was something Mrs. Verma really wanted from the beginning. The company’s decision to roll out monthly menstrual leaves for those who “bleed” is indeed a laudable gesture. When asked about her opinion, Mrs. Verma leaves us with much food for thought, “When a lady breaks all societal and familial shackles to come to work and earn her own bread, the least we as employers can do is adopt a humane approach and give her the rest she never asked for when she needs it the most!”

Women’s empowerment goes beyond crafting elaborate plans on paper that never or rarely see the light of day. An empathetic perspective can go a long way in bridging the gap that has existed for eons in the gender disparity in the workforce globally. Every drop in the ocean counts, and this is a welcome move.

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