Network Express concluded Summit “National Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards in Direct Selling 2023

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 1: The summit, held from 14 December 2023, served as a pivotal platform for thought-provoking discussions, networking, and recognition within the direct selling domain. Esteemed industry leaders, renowned experts, and influential figures converged to delve into the theme of “The Role of Direct Selling in Nation Building.”

This conclave of insightful minds explored and deliberated upon the multifaceted aspects of direct selling, highlighting its pivotal role in contributing to the nation’s economic growth, entrepreneurship, and societal development.

The objective behind this impactful panel discussion was to foster a deeper understanding of the significance of direct selling in fostering economic empowerment, entrepreneurial opportunities, and socio-economic progress on a national scale.

Moreover, the resounding success of the “National Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards in Direct Selling 2023” owes credit to the collaborative efforts between Network Express ( and esteemed partners including,,  Winners Talk Show – , SOONX &  D Subhash Education & Support System. This collaborative venture culminated in an impactful evening characterized by influential personalities engaging in thought-provoking conversations, empowering discussions, and honoring individuals for their invaluable contributions to the direct selling industry.

Network Express: A Vision Realized by Visionaries

At the heart of Network Express lies the visionary efforts of its five dedicated professionals: Shriram Patil, Founder of Network Express, along with Co-Founders Dadaso Ghare, D Subhash, Lomesh Shinde, and Prashant Tawde. Their collective commitment and unwavering dedication have been pivotal in shaping the landscape of direct selling across India.

Fueled by a shared vision to uplift and empower direct sellers nationwide, the genesis of the “National Entrepreneurship Summit & Awards in Direct Selling 2023” emerged from their earnest desire to foster growth and prosperity within the industry. It is through their collective ethos and tireless efforts that this impactful event was conceived.

The event was Held on the 14th of December 2023 at the prestigious venue, The Regenza by Tunga in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, More than 20 well-known direct-selling companies came together to support the historic occasion. In all, over 175 distinguished leaders from throughout the nation participated in this cooperative endeavor.

The event witnessed a gathering of distinguished personalities, including government officials, influential leaders, motivational speakers, and top leaders from the direct selling industry. Their collective presence and engagement contributed to the event’s resounding success, emphasizing the significance and impact of the direct selling community nationwide.

Panel Discussion: Unveiling the Role of Direct Selling in Nation Building and Addressing Industry Challenges A riveting panel discussion unfolded under the expert moderation of Honorable Surender Vats, serving as a platform for an enriching dialogue on two pivotal themes: “The Role of Direct Selling in Nation Building” and “Challenges Faced by the Direct Selling Industry.” Esteemed thought leaders, including

Dr. Surekha Bhargava – Modicare Ltd.

Mr. Sandeep Kerkar – Herbalife International India  Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Pawan Deshpande – DXN Marketing India  Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Gursharan Singh – Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mukesh Kothari – Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd. (RCM)

Mr. Sanjay Khinvsara – Direct Selling Expert

Mr. Stan Serrao – Business Coach

Mr. Jagannadha Shastry – Enagic India Kangen Water  Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Prem Rajan – Forever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Prem Kumar – International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

This lively discussion focused on the two aspects of growth prospects and difficulties found in the direct selling industry. The discussion focused on practical strategies towards sustainable advancement and offered direct sellers essential insights for navigating the complex path of business.

Given the increasing influx of individuals into the direct selling sphere, this discussion proved to be a pivotal moment, highlighting the imperative need to understand, address, and pave the way for the evolving landscape of direct selling in our nation’s economic fabric.

Celebrating Excellence: 30 Awardees Recognized at Prestigious Ceremony

The event culminated in an inspiring award ceremony, honoring 30 outstanding individuals whose classic contributions stood as a testament to their dedication and innovation within the direct selling industry. graced by the esteemed presence of Chief Guest ” Prof. Namdevrao Jadhav.” These exceptional awardees, selected from a pool of remarkable nominees, showcased unparalleled leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering commitment.

Their diverse achievements spanned various categories, recognizing excellence in sales performance, innovation, community impact, leadership, and more. Each awardee’s unique journey and remarkable accomplishments served as an ideal of inspiration, inspiring the entire direct-selling community to strive for excellence and set new benchmarks within the industry.

While we talk about the award ceremony, the 30 Companies & leaders grabbed the prestigious awards where

1) DR. Surekha Bhargava From “Modicare Limited” was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

2) Surender Vats ‘‘Chat with Surendra  Vats’’ was awarded the ‘‘Bhishma Pitamah of Direct Selling’’. 

3) Dr. Pawan Deshpande From “ DXN Manufacturing (India) Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Best Manufacturing Direct Selling Company of The Year”. 

4) Sandeep Kerkar From “ Herbalife” was awarded the “ Global Business Tycoon of the Year”. 

5) Team SBT Global From “ Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Global Leaders In Direct Selling”. 

6) Diwakar Jha – CEO Of “ Aarogya Miracle Marketing Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Direct Selling Company of The Year”. 

7) Sagar Joshi – CMD    From “ e – Biotorium Network Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Trusted Brand of The Year.” 

8) Prem Rajan From “ Forever Living Products” was awarded the “ Excellence in Retention & Leadership of The Year”. 

9) Sunil Gupta From “ Forever Living Products” was awarded the “ International Network Leader of the Year”. 

10) Gursharan Singh From “ Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Decade Leadership Award”. 

11) Kishor Ahire From “ Mi Lifestlye Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Network Ratna”. 

12) Tatyasaheb Ingle From “ Mi Lifestlye Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Dynamic Leader of The Year”. 

13) Dr. Nitin Gohil From “ Keva Kaipo Industries Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Direct Selling Entrepreneur of The Year”.

14) Srinivasulu A From “ Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ International Coach for Sales, Marketing & Direct Selling”. 

15) Koppisetty Murli Krishna From “ Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Leadeship Excellence in Direct Selling”. 

16) Gopal Kundu – CMD From “ Saarvasri Herbs Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Outstanding Company of The Year”. 

17) Sravan Prakash Varanasi From “ Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Outstanding Leader in Direct Selling”. 

18) Pravin Salunkhe From “ DXN Marketing India Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “Global Visionary Direct Selling Coach of The Year”. 

19) Manoj Patil – CMD From “ M.P. Daily Need Multitrade Pvt. Ltd.” was awarded the “ Innovative Company of The Year”. 

20) Pramod Thombre was awarded the ” Rising Entrepreneur of The Year ” . 

21) Dr. Prem Kumar From    “ International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd.” was awarded the “ Million Dollar Direct Seller of The Year”. 

22) Dr. Anand Bajpai From “ International Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd.” was awarded the “ Visionary Leadership of The Year”. 

23) Raju Beg – CMD From “ Royal Magnum Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Startup Company of The Year”. 

24) Abdur Rahman From “ Aarogya Miracle Marketing Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Young Direct Seller of The Year”. 

25) Lalit Dongre From “ Mi Lifestlye Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Inspirational Icon of The Year”. 

26) DR. Uttam S. Jadhav From “ Pamosa International Marketing Pvt. Ltd.” was awarded the “ Network Leadership of The Year”. 

27) Dr. Rajaram L. Tripathi From “ Pamosa International Marketing Pvt. Ltd. ” was awarded the “ Transformation Leadership of The Year”. 

28) Megha & Sunil Gandhi From “ Oriflame India” was awarded the “ Ethical Entrepreneurial Excellence Award”. 

29) Mukesh Gupta From “ JSK Institute” was awarded the “ Education Entreprenuer of The Year 2023”. 

30) Amar Salunkhe From “Cineflicks Production” was awarded the “ Video Production Company of The Year”.

Celebrating the Indomitable Spirit of Direct Sellers

The journey to success for direct sellers is paved with unyielding determination, tireless effort, and an unwavering commitment to their aspirations. It’s a testament to their resilience—endless hours of hard work, sleepless nights, and persistent brainstorming—that lays the foundation for their thriving businesses. 

This event served as a beacon, not just recognizing and honoring their business accomplishments but also acknowledging the dedication and sacrifices these individuals make in their personal lives. It encapsulated a heartfelt appreciation for the relentless drive of direct sellers, underscoring their immense contributions to both the business world and the broader scope of life.

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