My Safety Card assures protection you against all bacteria and Viruses including Covid19

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 05: Looking for protection against Corona and other viruses & bacteria for yourself and your family? My Safety Card is the solution for your worries.

Amidst this pandemic, all you need is to safeguard your loved ones from getting infected by any viruses or bacterial infections. JD Surgical and Allmart bring you a personal Disinfectant card. My Safety Card a new product that protects you from all types of Viruses and Bacteria for a month. All you need is to wear it just like an ID card.

Unbelievable but true. My Safety Card is an effortless way of rendering protection against Coronavirus apart from other infections.  It’s a medically tested, ISO, GMP, FDA, CE certified product. With a 99% sterilization rate, it consists of Chlorine Dioxide in the appropriate quantity. This W.H.O approved & recommended chemical can kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria, including the deadly Covid 19. Tested in Bombay test house lab, the card optimally proved its ability to kill 100% bacteria within 24 hours.

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Medically proven technology–

My Safety Card is an antibacterial Card with Natural Fragrance is made from Chlorine Dioxide. This particular chemical causes no harm to the human body. This yellowish-green chemical as the main component in this product is certified not only by World Health Organisation (WHO) but also by the following global healthcare agencies-

  • US Environmental Protection Agency(US EPA)
  • All Indian Institute of Hygiene and Public Health(IIHP)
  • Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization(CPHEEO),
  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)
  • Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR)
  • National Institute of Virology(NIV)
  • Indian Dental Association(IDA)
  • Haffkine Institute for Training Research & Testing

A Made in India Venture-

Manufactured for the first time in India by JD surgical and capitals and marketed online (PAN India) by It protects a person for 30 days and the cost is Rs 531. My Safety Card has received certifications at its merit and the company has also filed a Patent application for it.

JD surgical says, My Safety Card will be manufactured in satisfactory quantity to cater for the population in this time of the pandemic. But he also alerts to stay away from similar fraudulent sub-standard products online. Also, to make My Safety Card available to everyone, the promoters are trying to formulate plans to set up all India network penetration in offline modes.

Benefits of using My Safety Card

  1. Air freshenersterilised
  2. Safe and effective to block virus, fungi, and moulds
  3. 30 days long-lasting
  4. Suitable for all age group
  5. Protection from all types of Viruses and Bacteria those are airborne.
  6. Easy to use-just remove the card and attach the lanyard. Wear it as an i-card.

We strongly recommended using My Safety Card especially for Travelers, Offices, Banks, Schools, Home, Public Transport, and Public Gatherings among others.

To know more you can visit or click on the following link

For franchisee details, contact: +91 77108 35444

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