Mehak Dhingra Champions Self-Management Education in Type 1 Diabetes, Bridging Critical Gaps in Indian Healthcare

New Delhi (India), February 21:  In response to India’s escalating Type 1 Diabetes challenge, Mehak Dhingra, a visionary Type 1 Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and founder of “Unstoppable Type 1,” is pioneering a transformative approach to diabetes education and self-management. With over 500 individuals already benefiting from her innovative strategies, Dhingra is reshaping the landscape of Type 1 Diabetes care in India.

Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune condition marked by the pancreas’s inability to produce insulin, demands meticulous self-management for individuals to lead healthy, active lives. Unlike Type 2 Diabetes, it is not influenced by lifestyle factors and has no prevention or cure. Effective management hinges on integrating the condition into daily life, making educated lifestyle adjustments, and maintaining blood glucose levels through careful monitoring and insulin management.

India’s recognition as a growing hub for Type 1 Diabetes underscores the urgent need for comprehensive educational resources and support. The lack of interdisciplinary teams in the country’s endocrinology infrastructure often leaves individuals without the necessary guidance for effective disease management. Dhingra, driven by her own decade-long struggle with mismanagement due to inadequate education, established “Unstoppable Type 1” to empower those living with the condition through sustainable management techniques, preventive measures, and a focus on a vibrant, fulfilling life.

“Unstoppable Type 1” stands as a testament to Dhingra’s commitment to transforming the lives of those with Type 1 Diabetes. By offering a holistic and practical management approach, the academy serves as a beacon of hope, emphasizing that a diabetes diagnosis does not define one’s life. Dhingra’s mantra, “My diabetes doesn’t define me; I define my diabetes,” captures the essence of her mission—to redefine diabetes as a manageable part of life rather than a limiting identity.

Through her courses, which blend personal experience with professional healthcare insights, Dhingra provides a comprehensive toolkit for thriving with Type 1 Diabetes. Her work not only addresses the immediate needs of individuals seeking better disease management but also contributes significantly to changing the broader narrative of diabetes care in India.

As Mehak Dhingra and “Unstoppable Type 1” continues to make strides in education and empowerment, the future for individuals living with Type 1 Diabetes in India looks brighter, marked by opportunities for a life defined by joy, resilience, and balance rather than limitations.

About Mehak Dhingra:

Mehak Dhingra is a Type 1 Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and the founder of “Unstoppable Type 1,” an academy dedicated to empowering individuals with Type 1 Diabetes through effective self-management education. Living with Type 1 Diabetes herself, Dhingra’s approach is rooted in personal experience, professional collaboration, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with the condition.

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Mehak Dhingra

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