Meet Allaoua Gaham, the man making quite a noise in the world of fitness

January 17: He is known as a yogipreneur across Dubai and has taken the fitness niche to another level of success.

To dream about something is one thing; thinking of making actions towards it is another thing, but going all out and turning those dreams into a reality is an altogether different thing. To belong to the latter category may need individuals to face several hurdles and hiccups in life and on their path, but the ones who still choose to stick by their goals are the ones that go ahead in becoming the best versions in their fields. We noticed the swift rise of one such passionate being in the world of yoga and fitness; he is Allaoua Gaham, the man with an exciting life story who moved from his corporate business life into a world of yoga, becoming what he is known as today, a yogipreneur.

It is interesting to know that Allaoua Gaham worked as a distributor of a French cosmetic brand and went ahead in becoming a creator and entrepreneur in the field. He attained his degrees in marketing, did his MBA, and worked exceedingly well in his cosmetics field with his own brand. Later he moved to Dubai as the sole distributor of the much-talked-about French cosmetic brand, followed by incepting his own fashion brand; however, he realized his life held more meaning and to take multiple steps towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, he turned to yoga and since then has been unstoppable as a Yogi and entrepreneur. He is today a certified ERYT500 from Zen Den Florida and got trained by the best in the business like Ira Om, Jacob Manning, Jonah Kest, and Seam Phelps. He has attained specialization as a certified senior instructor in animal flow and systema, having been trained with many other inspiring professionals of the industry.

His style includes cognitive stretch, high intensity, and anatomical alignment. Allaoua Gaham is the one who has even taught to people in Dubai’s esteemed studios like Dryp and Urban Yoga. His incredible experience and passion for yoga have made him the director of Yoga La Vie Studio on the Palm Jumeirah FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS while also serving as the brand ambassador for Lululemon, THE WORLD LEADING YOGA BRAND, and DR. ROZE CLINICS, THE LEADER OF BIOHEALTH MEDICAL SERVICES IN DUBAI

Currently, Allaoua Gaham IS MOVING TOWARDS MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING ABOUT WELLBEING AND MENTAL HEALTH AND has ALREADY MADE HIS WAY TO TEDX TALKS. ALLAOUA GAHAM STARTED THE YEAR AS NOMINEE  FOR THE Fit Awards 2022 in the category Fitness Influencer of the Year ( ). To know more, follow him on Instagram @allaouayoga.

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