Kiran Hospital adds 350 beds, making it the largest private hospital in Gujarat, with 900 beds

Surat (Gujarat) [India], February 22: Kiran Multi Super Specialty Hospital, considered among the largest private sector hospitals in Gujarat, has raised its bed capacity to 900 by adding 350 beds in the Phase-II project on Sunday. In the presence of Blood Donors and the district collector of Surat, Ayush Oak, a plaque commemorating Phase II was unveiled.

Patidar Health Trust oversees the Kiran Multi Super Specialty Hospital on Sumul Dairy Road in Katargam. Kiran hospital is now one of the largest private hospitals in India, with a total in-patient capacity of 900 beds thanks to the completion of the Phase-II expansion project.

Ayush Oak, Surat district collector, remarked, “Vibrant growth in healthcare and education is vital. Surat’s diamond, textile, software, jewellery, laboratory-grown, and garment industries flourished in the previous decade. In addition, Surat has a lot of potential in the growing field of medical tourism.

“Kiran Hospital is a real example of doctors providing their entire participation in the treatment of patients,” stated Padma Shri Mathurbhai Savani. Each day, 300 bottles of blood will be donated to patients in need who are hospitalised in South Gujarat.

Mathurbhai claims that more than 75,000 people have received free medical care at Kiran Hospital thanks to the Ayushyamaan Card programme run by the Indian government. Kiran Hospital is home to the world’s most cutting-edge, high-priced medical technology. Kiran Hospital also does transplants involving bone marrow, hands, kidneys, and livers.

Kiran Hospital in Surat invited blood donors to the Phase-II project unveiling to recognise the selfless services they provide. In the presence of the district collector and the administration of Kiran Hospital, blood donors, including Prafulbhai Bhajiwala, Mehulbhai Sorthia, Pankajbhai Punetkar, Mrs. Vilasben Patel, Mrs. Maniben Rana, and Mrs. Kajalben Savalia unveiled the plaque.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by various social and industrial leaders like Govindbhai Dholakia, Laljibhai Patel, Ravjibhai Monpara, Manjibhai Lakhani, Sureshbhai Kukdia, Vallabhbhai Sheta, Rajubhai Vanani, Rajeshbhai Makwana, Mehulbhai Panchal, Jayeshbhai Lathia, Maganbhai Dobriya including trustees, social elites, doctors, and blood donors.


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