JR Compliance, India’s leading compliance service provider

We refused to quit – see, where we are right now

April 20: JR Compliance – started their journey over 9 years ago, April’13 and now they are proud to be a global leader providing diversified compliance services in over 50+ countries from Asia to South America and Europe. If we look at the journey of JR Compliance, it is truly inspiring as from providing BIS certification services; they have come a long way to now providing over 200+ Indian and global compliance services.

Be it providing Indian services such as BIS, WPC, TEC, EPR, LMPC, and global countries like the USA, China, Russia, South Korea, and more by obtaining certificates like FCC, CCC, EAC, KC, and other applicable certification requirements – we have knowledge of compliance requirement of each each continent from Asia to Europe.

It is a journey of Mr. Rishikesh Mishra, “a son, a brother, who aspires to meet everyone’s expectations through ensuring conformance with compliance worldwide.”

For most of us, JR Compliance is nothing more than a compliance service provider, with over 100+ employees although, for Mr. Rishikesh Mishra and his employees, it is another family, a family that connects them through laughter and love.

And that’s why JR Compliance outshines among other competitors.

As we talked to Mr. Rishikesh Mishra and team on their anniversary, we got to know their truly amazing journey – a journey started from a small cabin providing BIS certification services to now handling over 1,000+ Indian and Global clients and have successfully completed over 10,000+ projects, they have come a long way by proving their true potential.

When asked Mr. Rishikesh Mishra about his own journey and how he tackled all the issues, he said, “it was nothing but a rollercoaster ride, which was scary, yet satisfying because I know we can achieve anything if we are together. From providing BIS certification services and taking care of clients requirements manually (since BIS was a manual process earlier) to providing 200+ compliance services to global brands such as Softbank, PD cables, Sennheiser, and more we carry through ups and downs. I have started this firm with nothing, but with the fundamental motive to make compliance seamless at Indian and Global level, and watching where we are now is actually astonishing. And it feels great to know that I have received all the support from my family and people who stood by me in the worst of circumstances.”

He also mentioned that they have a long way to go, as they are planning to expand and diversify their business worldwide through creation of a platform, “Controlify,” to ensure easy access to all the compliance requirements worldwide with a click access. That reflects the dedication of JR Compliance to stand firm on their tagline, “born to comply.”

With that they have also released a market campaign, “The Compliant Sur – a creative initiative to promote compliance in society,” that is a big hit as they have got 1 million views in 24 hours. And are hoping to release more songs, to create a mass awareness regarding the importance of compliance.

Here is to the efforts of JR Compliance, who had been awarded with “Future of India Award, 2020,” and a compliance service provider who are committed to make approvals simplified.

We would like to congratulate JR Compliance to successfully carry through an incredible journey – a journey to achieve success by serving the best to their clients.


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