JJ Tax – One-stop solution for all your tax needs #ChatKaroTaxBharo

Founders of JJ Tax—Rashi, Jambukeswaran, Leesha, and Mehak

New Delhi (India), May 26: Do you also dread that time of the year when you have to comply with taxation formalities like submitting an investment declaration and filing your income tax return? Do you also find yourself wasting time trying to figure it all out? Don’t worry; many others stand with you in this. But what if we told you that there is a way to fulfil these formalities quickly and at the convenience of a smartphone touch?

JJ Tax is a tax and finance startup incorporated in December 2019 that offers a wide array of solutions in Direct Taxes, GST, Accounting, and allied services through a Chat-based App. Their ambit of tax services is for individuals, firms, and corporates and ranges from tax planning, return filing, accounting, payroll, legal compliance, wills drafting and execution.

JJ Tax operates through a team of CAs, MBA(s), and CS, who possess profound knowledge and are committed to delivering professional services to match the client’s requirements. They are continuously automating the process to improve the client’s experience and develop new-age solutions to address the issues faced by taxpayers.

The App was launched in May 2020 to bring professional expertise to your fingertips and make the taxation process easier for the masses. It was designed to keep in mind the troubles end consumers face and provide significant relief by taking away all of their tax stress. Tax queries are resolved through chat with tax experts that are just a ping away.

Additionally, with the in-app notifications, you will never miss out on important deadlines and stay updated with what’s going on in the tax world. Another fantastic feature of the app is the File Cabinet. It organizes and stores your documents in a convenient and user-friendly manner. This makes it easier to retrieve and access documents anytime and anywhere.

JJ Tax’s achievements speak for themselves. JJ Tax has achieved more than 1 million downloads within 14 months of launching the app. JJ Tax is the associate brand sponsor of IPL on FM Radio City.

To always be attentive to their clients’ queries, the chatbot was also rolled out in May 2022, and now Chat is available 24/7. Furthermore, work has started on automating income tax and GST returns. A dedicated customer-focused approach has helped JJ tax record revenue of nearly INR 2 crores for FY 21-22 compared to INR 0.34 crores for FY 20-21.

JJ Tax was declared the winner of the “India 500 Startup Awards for Quality Excellence” and “The Most Promising Brand of 2022”. They have also been awarded the “Best Fintech Solutions of the Year” by Time2Leap awards. Rashi Bajpai, CEO of the company, received accolades like the “Top 100 Women Icon” award, the “Most Admired Women Entrepreneur” award, the “Most Promising Entrepreneur” award, and “Best CEO” by various organizations.

As JJ Tax celebrates its 2nd anniversary on May 26th, they offer a whopping 20% discount on all membership plans. The offer applies to all membership subscriptions between May 16th and May 31st. So, if you want to get rid of all your complicated tax problems, become a part of their user base by subscribing to their membership plans at the most affordable rates.

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