Jai Bheem Short Video App’s live streaming of Prof Hari Narke’s Lecture on Untiring efforts of Krantijyoti Savitrimai Phule’s contribution towards the education of girl child

New Delhi (India), April 7: The Lecture on Krantijyoti Savitrimai Phule’s 125th Memorial Day titled as – Savitrimai’s contribution towards upliftment of the backward classes was presented by JAI BHEEM Short Video App. It was streamed live on Facebook and telecast on Awaaz India TV Channel and the YouTube channel of Jai Bheem Short Video App. The Speaker was Professor Shri Hari Narke, Head of Mahatma Phule Chair in Pune University and an author and orator.

Prof. Hari Narke is the author of 53 books and is mainly noted for his works on Mahatma Jyotirao Phule and Savitrimai Jyotiba Phule. He has delivered lectures across Europe, the Middle East and Asian countries, apart from being the most sought after speaker across India.

The live streaming was moderated by the Head of Awaaz India Channel, Mr Aman Kamble. The streaming began with a short clip on Savitrimai Phule and her husband, Jyotiba Phule, who set up the first school for girls in 1848 at Bhide Wada in Pune. Savitribai was the principal of this pioneer institution that was open to girls from all castes and communities. This was the first occasion for girls from the Dalit community to attend school.

Such was the opposition from the society in that era that often, the ladies of Pune threw Cow-Dung and stones at Savitribai during her commute to the school, as they thought girls going to school was anti-religion during that time. She also set up a Centre for Expectant widows as widows delivering children used to be considered a blotch on society. Savitribai took care of the upbringing of these so called ‘unwanted children and even adopted a child into her family.

After the death of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Savitrimai took over the responsibilities of Sahitya Sangram. Such was the dedication to serve the people that during the outburst of Plague in Pune, Savitrimai immersed herself in complete service to the plague victims. This eventually resulted in her being diagnosed with a plague that led to the end of her life.

“There is a widespread of illiteracy; casteism spread across India hence we had initiated our work towards the eradication of these ills of the society, replied Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Savitrimai to a British media person,” was the initial observation of Prof. Hari Narke. He himself was born in an impoverished Mali caste family at Talegaon Dhamdhere, Tal. Shirur, Dist. Pune managed to complete his education by working in a graveyard.

Says Girish Wankhede, the CEO of Jai Bheem Short Video App, “We at Jai Bheem App are highly privileged that a great personality such as Professor Hari Narke chose our medium to speak about the contribution of Savitrimai Phule towards the upliftment of Backward classes. Prof Narke has narrated informative bits and experiences at length about Savitrimai Phule and her untiring efforts for the education of girl children.”


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