Inverter ACs – Beat the Heat with new range of Hitachi air conditioners

New Delhi [India], May 24: Hitachi Cooling and Heating India offers a variety of split ACs for different room sizes. Their split Inverter ACs are designed for homeowners who are looking for advanced technology, beautiful design and low maintenance ACs. They are quick and easy to install and come with self-cleaning feature to maintain airflow performance and energy efficiency. For those concerned about air quality, Hitachi Cooling & Heating India offers wall-mounted units with air cleaning functions to eliminate bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and odours. These air conditioners are designed to be simple to use, either with a remote control or a smartphone app.

Inverter ACs have several benefits:

  • They save energy by using less electricity, as they slow down the compressor’s speed.
  • They prevent the compressor from constantly turning on and off, which also saves energy.
  • They provide greater comfort by cooling the room faster.
  • They maintain the set temperature more effectively by controlling the compressor speed.
  • They reduce wear and tear of the AC unit by avoiding frequent start-ups and low-speed operation.

How does an inverter AC work?

Inverter technology in air conditioners works by adjusting the compressor speed, which regulates the cooling process more efficiently. Unlike traditional systems that start and stop frequently, an inverter system keeps the compressor running continuously. This constant operation helps maintain a consistent room temperature.

One of the key benefits of inverter technology is its energy efficiency as it can save more energy as compared to non-inverter systems. By adjusting the compressor speed based on the cooling needs, it prevents unnecessary energy consumption. This also reduces the strain on the compressor, extending its lifespan.

Hitachi Inverter Air Conditioners:

iZen- 3-star Inverter AC Series

iZen meaning delightful, is a 3 Star Inverter Air Conditioner Series that is based on the enigmatic philosophy of Zen which entails mindfulness, experiencing a sense of unity with the peaceful environment, and adopting a distinct approach to cultivating experiences that reveal a fresh perspective. These ACs are available in 1.0 TR, 1.5 TR and 2 TR.

Special Features of iZen Split Inverter ACs:

3 Star AC for better energy efficiency, ice Clean feature powered by FrostWash technology, Xpandable+ technology, long air throw, Hexa Sensor Technology, 4-way swing, WiFi-enabled AC with airCloud Go mobile app, Silent air, Odour-free air, Ambience light, SuperFine Mesh Filter, Filter Clean Indicator, 100% Cooling Capacity even at 43 degree Celsius, Copper Condenser Coil, Green Refrigerant, 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty*.

iKasu- 3-star & 5-star Inverter AC Series

iKasu is a Smart Inverter Air Conditioner series that is designed to make your life comfy and convenient and add to the aesthetics of your interiors with its minimalistic premium design. It is a smart inverter AC series that blends the air conditioning with intuitive operation which takes care of your comfort and keeps you worry-free. The ACs from this series are available in the capacity of 1.0 TR, 1.5 TR and 2 TR.

Special Features of iKasu Split Inverter ACs:

3-star and 5-star energy efficiency ratings, ice Clean feature powered by FrostWash Technology, Xpandable+ technology, Hexa Sensor technology, Ambience light, Silent air, Odour-free air, My Mode feature in Remote control, Star-White colour with UV paint protection, 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty*.

Yoshi- 5-star Inverter AC Series

Yoshi is a 5 Star Inverter Air Conditioner that is designed to meet your every need be it for Cooling, Comfort, or Aesthetics. Yoshi literally means ‘One of the Best’. Yoshi is an amalgamation of innovative technology and beautiful aesthetics. The ACs from this series are available in the capacity of 1.0 TR, 1.5 TR and 2 TR.

Special Features of Yoshi 5-star Split Inverter ACs:

5-star ratings for best-in-class energy efficiency, ice Clean feature Powered by FrostWash technology, Xpandable+ technology, long air throw, 4-way swing, ionizer, WiFi-enabled ac with airCloud Go mobile app, Hexa Sensor technology, dual louver, Silent air, Odour-free air, Ambience Light, Remote Control with My Mode feature, Green Refrigerant, SuperFine Mesh Filter, 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty*.

Toushi+ 3-star & 5-star Inverter AC Series

Toushi+ is a series of powerful inverter ACs. Models from this series are available in 3-star and 5-star ratings. These air conditioners auto adjust and auto expand their cooling capacity according to the load requirement inside the room and ambient weather condition, to maintain the set temperature.

3-Star & 5-star energy efficiency ratings, Xpandable+ technology, long air throw,Silent air, Odour-free air, Penta Sensor technology, Green Refrigerant, 5 Year Comprehensive Warranty*.

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