Introducing CREDBAL: Revolutionizing Credit Evaluation for Businesses and Individuals in India

Mr Karunahara, Co-founder, CREDBAL

Tiruppur (India), August 1:  In a bold move to tackle the persistent challenges of delayed payments and bad debts in the Indian business landscape, CREDBAL, India’s First operational credit information provider, announced its ground-breaking online platform. With an unwavering focus on fostering a “Bad debts less economy”, CREDBAL aims to empower entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals with accurate and transparent credit evaluations, revolutionizing how transactions are conducted in the country.

The Problem at Hand

India’s thriving economy boasts over 1.29 crore registered GST taxpayers and more than 6.30 crore registered Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises, with an increasing number of unregistered business owners. A substantial portion of business transactions is now carried out through credit systems, often with predetermined periods such as 60 or 90 days. According to statistics, approximately 54.7% of total B2B sales in India are made on credit terms, resulting in an average of 29 crore invoices raised per month by GST-registered taxpayers.

However, the alarming reality is that late payments and bad debts have become pervasive, hindering businesses’ cash flow and economic growth. Research indicates that 94.7% of businesses experience late payments, with 10% of B2B receivables eventually written off as uncollectable debts. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are estimated to be owed a colossal 3.89 lakh crores in overdue payments, leaving substantial money in the wrong hands.

CREDBAL’s Innovative Solution

CREDBAL seeks to address this pressing problem head-on by introducing an innovative credit rating system. Through its state-of-the-art online platform, CREDBAL assigns a financial score to each individual and business entity, unveiling critical information about their credibility, trustworthiness, financial stability, and past repayment behaviour.

Using a meticulous and well-defined algorithm, CREDBAL integrates data, and information users provide on various components, including the value of outstanding credit (excluding bank loans), the period of such credit, and the number of extensions of due dates availed. This comprehensive evaluation empowers users to make informed decisions when dealing with unknown parties, mitigating the risk of late payments and defaults.

“We are in the digital world. It’s the need of the hour for an open online platform to disclose the credibility and trustworthiness of the people based on their financial obedience. With CREDBAL, we are determined to develop a credit environment that fosters reliability, empowers growth, and strengthens the foundation of India’s economic prosperity,” said Mr Karunahara, Co-founder, CREDBAL

Benefits for Businesses and Individuals

CREDBAL offers an array of unique advantages for both sellers and buyers, transforming the credit landscape in India:

Benefits to Sellers:

– Pre-supply knowledge about buyers’ financial stability and repayment nature.

– Enable decision-making on extending high-value credits or opting for immediate cash payments for supplies.

– Identify and avoid high-risk credit sales, protecting business interests.

– Enhance the credibility of sellers, as defaulting buyers’ names will be displayed on the default list, deterring them from future credit-based transactions.

Benefits to Buyers:

– Prompt repayment history allows buyers to demand more credit, fueling business expansion.

– Reduced purchase costs compared to competitors with a higher credit purchasing capability.

Beyond Business Transactions

Beyond its immediate impact on business transactions, CREDBAL holds the potential to shape various aspects of Indian society. The platform can be utilized during weddings, where individuals can assess each other’s financial stability before entering into matrimonial commitments. Additionally, CREDBAL’s platform can be employed when purchasing immovable or movable properties on credit, providing valuable insights into the financial responsibility of potential buyers.

Driving India Towards a “Bad Debts Less Economy”

CREDBAL believes that its innovative platform, backed by sound data and algorithmic analysis, can significantly contribute to India’s economic growth and business ecosystem. Just as “CIBIL SCORE” revolutionized the banking sector, CREDBAL aims to do the same for all business transactions, leading towards a “Bad debts less economy” in India.

Join the CREDBAL Movement

By providing an open and transparent platform for credit evaluation, CREDBAL aims to instil caution in the minds of people dealing with entities lacking trustworthiness. The platform will foster a more responsible and reliable credit environment for businesses and individuals.


CREDBAL, India’s First operational credit information provider, is committed to promoting a “Bad debts less economy” by offering reliable credit evaluations through its state-of-the-art online platform. Founded on the principles of transparency and accuracy, CREDBAL empowers businesses and individuals to make well-informed financial decisions, driving economic growth and prosperity.

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