Interview With Durvesh Yadav – What They Don’t Teach Us, How This Book Can Help Youth To Build Their Meaningful Life

New Delhi [India]: Durvesh is a 22-year-old boy who has achieved so much in life while studying in a college. Meanwhile, other college students of his age waste their time and hang around here and there. They think that 4 years of college are Just for fun.

But Durvesh thinks differently. He worked hard and regarded those 4 years as an opportunity to build the foundation of his life.

In an interview with Durvesh Yadav, he said that 4 years of college are the foundation of a Youth’s Life and Youth has 2 options to spend these crucial 4 years, Either to invest in learning to build their future Or Just waste those 4 years and Regret later in life.

Here are some of the Insightful questions and his answers which Youth can learn and can know more about his upcoming book…

Q1:  So Mr. Durvesh, What Inspired you to write this book?

A: See, Since I Was in my second year of college I started studying about successful people and got to know so many secrets which successful people implement in their life and I noticed one common trait in successful people that they have a vision.

Then, I realized that most of us live our life without a purpose, vision, or goal. That’s why we are unsuccessful in our life.

This is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people. As I could observe that my friends, my colleagues, and people around me were directionless.

I wanted to help them but at that time I had no result to show off to those people and tell them they can also become successful.

So Instead of telling them, I started implementing those learnings which I learned from successful people and while studying in college, I reached the point where I started earning a 6 figure amount per month.

I observed and found that those learning which I had been implementing are must for every student to build their life and that’s why I thought that writing a book is the best way to share my experience with students to help them succeed in their life.

…that’s Nice to hear Durvesh, Our Youth Now A Days Are Misguided, I Really Love that the people like you are changing this youth and the country.

Q2: So Durvesh, Tell Us What This Book Is All About?

A: As You Said, That Our Youth Now A Days Are Misguided, They Are Directionless, They don’t know what to do in their life. They don’t know how to deal with a negative mind?

Schools and colleges are just focusing on theoretical knowledge But Nobody Is Teaching Us About How To Dream, How To succeed, How to make our career in the 21st century.

So This is very important for every student to develop their mindset first and then build their meaningful life.

They don’t know what to do in life, they are just following the rat race. So it’s important for them to learn the secrets like what is the most important thing to succeed, Why they must dream and have a vision,

So In this Book, I Have Shared 4 Stages To Build a Meaningful life.

This book is all about what our school and colleges are not teaching us which is about having a good mindset, how to succeed in life, and how to grow their career in this 21st century.

Q3: So Durvesh My 3rd Question Is, What’s Your Goal from this book?

My Goal from this book is just to bring positivity, prosperity, and bring hope to the students and youth that They also could say “Hell Yes! It’s possible to achieve my dreams.”

This Book Helps Them To Transform their Mindset and Life.

…So Glad to hear about this book Mr. Durvesh, I Must say that yes this book is a must for every student to Read.

And these were 3 Short and Important Interview Questions out of many Which I shared with you, I hope you guys loved it.

Durvesh is really doing great at this young age and Now He is truly an inspiration to the youths.

He is learning new things and implementing them to continue to grow.

He is also a Keen Learner and Believes in sharing his journey and experiences.

If You want to Buy His Book, Just Visit –

You can also connect with Durvesh on His Social Media Platforms.

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