Inspiring Minds, Conquering Words: Mind Wars Spell Bee 2023 Unveils Its Champions!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 10: The highly anticipated Mind Wars Spell Bee India 2023 finale took place at Noida Film City Sector 16 A, where students from classes IV to IX showcased their command over challenging English spellings. The national-level competition was organized by Mind Wars, an edutainment initiative of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, which brought together talented students from schools across the country for the largest spelling competition in India.

The event finale was the culmination of months of preparation and qualifying rounds throughout the country. It featured an impressive display of linguistic skills by more than 64,000 students from 730 schools across 250 cities in India. These students had emerged victorious in their respective schools, out of which the top 24 students, with 8 finalists in each category, made it to the grand finals. Paarth Jain, hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai; Sooryanshi Raut, representing the dynamic spirit of Bangalore; and Animesh Panigrahi, the conqueror from the lively city of Hyderabad, were officially crowned as the winners. 

The grand conclusion of the second season, conducted at a national level, was skillfully moderated by Mr. Charu Sharma, a celebrated sports commentator, compere, and spell master who took on the role for the second time, ensuring the success of the event on a grander scale.

Talking about the finale, Mr. Umesh Kr Bansal, Senior Executive Vice President of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, said, “Congratulations to all the winners and the participants. I would also like to thank all the participating schools, their teachers, and principals who allowed their students to participate and encouraged them through the process to come out as winners. At Mind Wars we aim to curate events that facilitate interactive avenues to acquire knowledge for students. Our Spell Bee India 2023 Finale stands as a testament to the power of education and the limitless potential within each student.”

With the culmination of the Mind Wars Spell Bee Competition, the Mind Wars team is now preparing for the highly anticipated second season of the Mind Wars National Academic Championship. This season is poised to be more thrilling, providing a platform for intellectual development and academic excellence. The champions, accompanied by their parents, will enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip to Phuket as they represent India in an international-level competition.

Mind Wars is committed to promoting education and intellectual development through engaging competitions that inspire and challenge young minds. Mind Wars’ holistic development package, which can be a one-stop solution for students, demonstrates the organization’s commitment to enhancing the educational landscape. Mind Wars is paving the way for a brighter, more well-rounded future by providing a common platform for students to explore, compete, and grow.

About Mind Wars

Mind Wars is a pioneering initiative by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited aimed at transforming education by promoting cognitive skills and holistic development among students. With its diverse range of competitions, quizzes, and educational content, Mind Wars provides engaging and immersive cognitive development, fostering the intellectual potential of young minds.

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