‘India Happiness Quotient Research’ by Vieroots points out that -Happiness and Health are complementary.

Kerala, [India]: Realising the fact that the pandemic has also infected human happiness, despite the higher family time. Vieroots envisioned spreading out the importance of staying healthy for a happy life and staying happy for a healthy life.

Vieroots Wellness Solution is a health-tech start-up and pioneer in personalized lifestyle management using epigenetic science. A team of experts steered the research spearheaded by its Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Sajeev Nair on the eve of International Day of Happiness promoted by the United Nations. The survey covered 10 states of India and 26,302 Employed and Unemployed people of different age groups were interviewed on ‘India Happiness Quotient on the Pandemic Times’ through a digital research method.

The key observations were, the pandemic has affected the happiness quotient of people in a missed bag. While unhappiness due to income-related stress and lack of leisure has increased, it is partly offset by better family bonding and better health consciousness. Better health initiatives can be seen as long-term happiness providers that can overcome even the pandemic-driven stress and unhappiness. Better health can also drive productivity which can offset financial stress effectively

  • Covid has made 84% of people highly conscious about health.
  • Covid has made family bonding stronger in 73.4% of people.
  • Happiness derived by being with family outweighed the sadness due to lack of fun and travel during Covid times
  • Covid has made 70% of the employed people unhappy with lack of income and work stress.

“High Happiness Quotient is achieved by having good physical health which allows you to play and enjoy the sensory side of life, high emotional and intellectual quotient which engage and disengage your mind at the right times, and a high Spiritual Quotient which helps to connect with yourself, others and the infinite intelligence,” said Dr. Sajeev Nair, ChairmanVieroots Wellness Solution Pvt Ltd, who led the research.,

Vieroots research found that lack of adequate finance and leisure avenues on one hand, and mounting health issues on the other, during the COVID-19 pandemic in India have led to increased unhappiness in life for a majority of people

  • India Happiness Quotient on the pandemic times” report points out “Happiness and Health are complementary” and one enhances the other.
  • The survey covered 10 states of India and 26,302 people | released as a part of celebrating United Nation’s International Day of Happiness. UN Resolution A/RES/66/281
  • The 3-day celebrations starting from March 20 – 22 include sessions from psychologists, Doctors, and subject experts in the field of health, happiness, and harmony.

What drives unhappiness is poor health & finances. Vieroots is more interested in solutions, and we believe finance & health are synergistic. The healthier we are, the more productive we can be, and more financially secure & happier. And the more financially secure we are, can we invest more in our health to sustain it. Vieroots is proud to share that we have both next-generation wellness solutions like EPLIMO and futuristic wealth creation tools like WOHO – all for your sustained happiness. (vieroots.com)


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