Historical Journey of a 12 Jyotirlinga Ram Katha Yatra with Morari Bapu Culminates in Talgajarda, Gujarat

Talgajarda, August 8: The unique initiative undertaken by Pujya Morari Bapu, organizing Ram Katha across 12 Jyotirlinga culminated in Bapu’s Chitrakutdham at Talgajarda, Gujarat on 8th August 2023. The journey of over 12,000 km, starting from the holy mountains of Kedarnath stretched to the shores of Somnath, was covered in just 18 days, taking the devotees on the journey of spirituality and soul searching. Pujya Bapu took this initiative of preaching the words from Ram Katha across 12 Jyotirlinga to sow the seeds of harmony and co-existence between different sets and communities, including Shaivites and Vaishnavas of Sanatan Dharma.

The journey was successfully covered with 1008 devotees listening to Ram Katha and doing darshan of the Jyotirlingas in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand; Vishwanath, Kashi; Baidyanath, Jharkhand; Mallikarjun, Andhra Pradesh; Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu; Nageshwar, Bhimashankar, Trayambakeshwar and Ghrishneshwar, Maharashtra; Omkareshwar and Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh and finally reaching Somnath. The devotees also experienced the darshan of the holy dhams of Rishikesh, Jagannath Puri, Tirupati Balaji and Dwarkadhish Dham.

Talking about the aim of the yatra, Bapu said the pilgrimage was “nirhetu” that is without any ulterior motive but that it will surely help to rejuvenate the centres of piety and devotion of Santan Dharma, including the jyotirlingas, dhams, and all other Hindu places of worship. Bapu emphasized that while all temples were already pure, they also need to be kept clean and better organized so that even the most common man could easily access them and obtain darshan to find inner peace and connection with divinity.

Bapu said that the efforts of the government to promote Swachh Bharat and build grand corridors in Kashi and Ujjain should be treated as prototypes to renovate other major pilgrim sites. Bapu, through this Katha, also celebrated the idea of “Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat” and drew attention to the cultural diversity our Bharat promotes amidst the ongoing celebrations of Amrit Kal.

While many saints feel that self-realization is the ultimate aim of human life, Bapu feels that a Sadhu must reach out to the last man and attempt to light his inner lamp. In many ways, the Jyotirlinga Ram Katha was an attempt of outreach, to connect with people in the four corners of the country of north, south, east and west and bring them spiritual exhilaration. On the last day of the Katha, Bapu emphasized that the 12 Jyotirlinga Ram Katha Yatra was an initiative to bring about cultural unity and national integration.   

With the aim to spread the teachings and rationale of Sanatan Dharma to devotees across the country, the Ram Katha yatra was focused on sowing the seeds of peace and harmony and united the communities across the country in celebration of the rich history and ancient knowledge embedded in the very essence of our Bharatvarsha.

Rejuvenating the Sanatan Dharma and in an effort to provide the teachings of Ramcharitmanas in relevance to modern society, Bapu talked about the importance of building an ideal utopian society upholding the value of cleanliness, equality, harmony, unity and co-existence with peace. The Katha was organized to bring the ancient knowledge of our scriptures to the devotees across the country, instilling in them a pride in our culture, religion and diversity of our country. With utmost dedication, the devotees travelled across 12,000 km in just 18 days with festivities onboarding the train of spirituality, filling the atmosphere with hymns, mantras, chants and religious rituals.

With the successful completion of 12 Jyotirlinga Ram Katha, the legacy of Morari Bapu remains enriched. At the end of the journey, Bapu openly proclaimed that though this was his 900th religious discourse, the ending today was just a pause in an ongoing journey which is set to restart in a few days at Cambridge University. Bapu has already completed many historical milestones like conducting Katha in air while circumambulating the Earth, in the ship, on Kailash, at Bhusundi Sarovar etc. 

This momentous 12 Jyotirlinga Ram Katha Rail Yatra was facilitated by two special trains – Kailash Bharat Gaurav and Chitrakoot Bharat Gaurav Trains – with IRCTC’s support. The Katha was organized by Bapu’s flower (devotee) Rupesh Vyas from Indore through Aadesh Charitable Trust.

About Morari Bapu

Morari Bapu is a renowned spiritual leader and a Ramayana exponent who has dedicated his life to disseminating the teachings of Lord Ram and promoting the values of truth, love, and compassion. With over 900 discourses and narratives on the Ram Charita Manas, Morari Bapu’s enlightening and engaging delivery has touched the hearts of millions across India and the world. His mission is to foster spiritual awakening and inspire individuals to lead a life rooted in simplicity, devotion, and righteousness. All his kathas are open to all, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion. As a regular practice, free meals are served as prasad for all those who come to the Katha.

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