Gujarat’s First Robotic Hip and Knee Replacement Centre Unveiled at Nirali Hospital

•    Inauguration of Gujarat’s First Robotic Hip & Knee Replacement Centre at Nirali Hospital by Mr. A M Naik

•    The centre, boasting a 500-bed facility and incorporating the CORI System, signifies landmark advancements in orthopaedics by simplifying intricate processes and streamlining surgical procedures.

Navsari (Gujarat) [India], April 18: Mr. A M Naik, Founder Chairman, Nirali Memorial Medical Trust, philanthropist and Padma Vibhushan awardee, inaugurated the pioneering Robotic and Knee Replacement Centre in Gujarat, marking a significant leap forward in orthopaedic care. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the cutting-edge second-generation CORI System, Nirali Hospital aims to transform joint replacement procedures and enhance patient outcomes.

Situated within Nirali Hospital’s expansive 500-bed facility, the Robotic Joint Hip and Knee Replacement Centre represent landmark advancement in the field of orthopaedics. At its heart lies the CORI System, a marvel of artificial intelligence that sets itself apart from traditional robotic platforms. Unlike previous models, CORI does away with the necessity for CT scans or MRIs, employing imageless technology to streamline surgeries and elevate precision to unprecedented levels.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. A M Naik, said, “We are devoted to supporting those in need and enhancing lives through our trusts. Committed to this mission, we strive tirelessly to ensure our trusts best serve society.” 

“The hospitals schools, and skilling centres under our trusts, the ‘Nirali Memorial Medical Trust’ and the ‘Naik Charitable Trust’ since 2009, embody our unwavering commitment to modern healthcare and education. Nirali Hospital today stands as a testament to our dedication to healthcare innovation, representing significant progress in orthopaedic care. With the launch of the Robotic Joint Hip and Knee Replacement Centre, we renew our pledge to offer our community unparalleled care and outcomes that exceed expectations,” added Mr. Naik. 

Dr. Narendra Parmar, renowned orthopaedic surgeon spearheading this endeavour stated, “I am honoured to lead the team at the Robotic Joint Hip and Knee Replacement Centre. Our goal is to redefine orthopaedic care standards and provide patients with exceptional outcomes leveraging the latest technology and our collective expertise.”

Under Mr. Naik’s leadership, Nirali Hospital stands at the forefront of medical innovation, poised to redefine standards in orthopaedic care and usher in a new era of surgical precision and patient satisfaction. 


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