Founder of advertiCe, Mayur Sethi gets Emirates Award of Excellence in Dubai along with Doctorate in Digital Transformation

Dubai (UAE), May 11: The reputed Emirates Award of Excellence recognizes extraordinary talent & commitment demonstrated by beacons of excellence in their respective field. Sethi is being rewarded with this award for his contribution to the field of programmatic advertising.

advertiCe, a self-serve media planning and buying platform that was incepted to bring about a revolution in the programmatic advertising industry. Since the launch of the platform in 2020, Sethi has worked with brands like Tata Motors, Voltas, HDFC Bank, Dr. Reddys, Dell, OnePlus, Canara Bank, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Sethi’s professional journey involves multiple achievements and he prides himself on being a serial entrepreneur and believes in being a catalyst in bringing about a revolution in the start-up world. With the intent of placing India on the start-up map, Sethi spends his day strategizing how he wishes to innovate the way brands cater to their audience. And this intent and his journey which spans over 15 years made him the perfect fit for the Champions of Changemaker award, which he won in April in the category of Innovation. One of the most treasured accomplishments of Sethi. His motive behind launching advertiCe is to help brands think and reach beyond Google and Facebook.

Sethi with his team started by targeting Tier 1 cities, entrepreneurs/start-ups, and SMEs and has the vision of expanding across South Asian countries.

advertiCe, says Mayur Sethi, whose acclamations also include being featured in Forbes, 40 under 40 lists, 50 under 50, and the Philip Kotler Presidential Award by World Marketing Summit, is the new revolution in the Programmatic Advertising.

As we asked Sethi about how has life changed over the years and with each of these accolades, he spontaneously expressed his gratitude. He also shared that, he has always wanted to create value through his work, and this latest feather in the hand, the Emirates Award is a sign that his work is being recognized beyond his country.

When he started his journey over 15 years back, he had one vision in his mind, to leave behind a legacy for not just his family but the industry as a whole and that is what he wakes up with every single day.

“I am proud of my journey so far and guess what, this is just the beginning, I dedicate this award to the Honest efforts been put by Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and StartUp India” he says, feeling all elated and happy!


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